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On 11/5/2020 at 9:45 PM, Amanda Laura said:

I can’t wait for her next album I hope she’s been working on something in quarantine my hope is an angsty punk album with songs like 3am, nightmare forget you that would be a dream. I think her voice really suits this style 

this this this, we need a album like this in pop, and Rina Sawayama only fills a couple of those holes.

Nightmare is one of Halsey's top 5 songs of all time no arguments pls  nat2

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6 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

@Snow what's up my friend? bebe1 I heard Halsey's cover of Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid which I thought was pretty good! bebe1 

dead2 I'm ok! Could be better! I haven't kept up with Halsey in a long time.. ever since she had her baby she's kinda dropped off bebe1

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Saw that Halsey didn't have a banner, so I decided to make one!

Just tagging the active members in this thread! Would you guys be okay if we changed the current artist badge to a more recent one? I was thinking of one of these I made just a few minutes

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Halsey is the alias of New York-based pop singer Ashley

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