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I found out about Dua Lipa, a 19 year-old London-based singer-songwriter, about a month or two ago, through, if I recall correctly, an NME article. The article praised her single "New Love," and since I'm always eager to find new artists to listen to, I gave it a try. I liked it, but I didn't exactly obsess over it (at least not at first). Three or four weeks later, I decided to give the song another listen, and it was almost as though I was listening to an entirely different song. Maybe I hadn't been giving the song my full attention when I first listened, because it was only upon second listen that I was really struck by her majestic vocals and the overall beauty of the song. You can give it a listen here:

She also has a Souncloud account with two original songs (a short track titled "Lions & Tigers & Bears" from 3 years ago, and a more recent demo of a song titled "Thinking 'Bout You") and multiple covers. You can access her account here:


Interestingly enough, she's apparently managed by Lana's team and has even worked with Nicole Nodland (who, as most Lana stans know, has worked with Lana on numerous occasions over a span of over five years) and Emile Haynie, which has drawn a fair number of LDR comparisons (decide for yourself whether you agree or not jj2).

So what do you think? Do you like her voice? Will she blow up soon? Or is she forgettable?

Personally, I'm in love with her voice and can't wait to see what she delivers next. Aesthetically and visually, I definitely get vibes from her that many might describe as "tumblr," but as far as her sound goes, she's definitely not a typical indie artist (in fact, I'd be more inclined to label her as "alternative"), and her rich, deep voice makes for very pleasing listening.


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25 minutes ago, absinthe said:

What a dead thread rip4

Anyway, I just listened to her songs today, and I gotta say, I like them so far. I hope she rises in popularity.

She's already pretty big here in Australia. Be The One, Hotter Than Hell and Blow Your Mind are ALWAYS on the radio here

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54 minutes ago, Urbanov said:

Because Be The One is one of the best pop songs from this decade alex1 

PREACH! and Blow Your Mind is also a big pop song! But I still prefer Be The One a little bit because it's so gorgeouscry5

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Her vocals are angelic. 

Why don't they just release her debut in Europe and Australia and release it in the US in June at least? That would be the most efficient.

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