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Billionaire Comes Out As Bisexual

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Move over Tim Cook, there’s a new hot billionaire in town.

Stein Erik Hagen (pictured) is one of Norway’s top businessmen. The 59-year-old executive owns multiple companies in everything from commercial real estate to e-commerce. He’s worth an estimated $4.3 billion, making him the second richest person in Norway.

Oh, and did we mention he likes guys

Hagen, twice married with four children, just came out as bisexual in an interview with the Norwegian talk show NRK.

“I gradually discovered that I was attracted to men,” he explained. “I was almost 30 years old when I realized I was bisexual.”

Despite not being publicly open about his sexuality until now, Hagen said both of his ex-wives were aware of the situation.

“Everyone in the family knows,” he explained. “All of my friends … It comes as no surprise to them.”

Hagan said the only reason he’s taken this long to come out publicly was for the sake of his children. He wanted to wait until they were older.

“I have full support from the kids,” he said. “It feels good. They support me 100 percent.”

As for whether he’s seeing anyone right now, Hagan had this to say: “I’m open to everything … Right now I have it very good. I have four children and am very happy.”

“I have no boyfriend.”

In other news: Flights to Norway are selling out at record speed. Boys, book yours now.


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the cunts 60 in a few months and has made, LITERALLY, billions... am i meant to applaud this announcement? well i DONT

fuck this cunt living his public life as a straight man for years with his wife and children 

shame on all anyone who thinks this is a good story for gays

hahaha you think he's BI?! PLEASE! the cunt was getting blackmailed by some trade (and at 60 he's been through ALOT of trade) so he's FINALLY said he's a freak to avoid those increasing blackmail cheques and I'm meant to support him or be excited?


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