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Who Were The First Artists You Stanned For?

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Britney/Xtina since I was 4 lmao

Avril around the time TBDT came out so I was like 12

Gaga/Katy since 08 when IKAG & JD were released, gaga especially. I was OBSESSED

Kesha the year after when Tik Tok came out

Rihanna when the Loud era started

Demi around the time Skyscraper came out, didn't really fully stan until Heart Attack though

Lana when I first listened to the BTD album, it was like a whole new experience to me considering in 2012 I was 17 & hadn't enjoyed any kind of artist like that before

Marina around the time Primadonna/Electra Heart came out. Not long after I saw her live & really stanned hard ngl

Taylor i've always loved but to officially STAN I really had to give it time, & I just never got disappointed

Madonna around late last year, when I started to give her a chance, I always hated older music but I expanded my horizons a lot

Mariah this year, I had never listened to her 90's albums & I fell in love tbh

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Madonna, Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus. I still love all of them to this day antm1 (except Avril dead2)

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Miley 580

2006 - 2010 - Hannah Montana (RIP Hannah and my stan card)

2008 - Present - Miley Cyrus (Breakout was my life)

2009 - Present - Kesha (Tik Tok was the best) 

2011 - Present - Cher Lloyd 

2014 - Present - Sia 

2014 - Present - Taylor Swift

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I was a fan of Britney when i was 9 or something, then I was a fan of Gaga when Paparazzi video was released (didn't know her until then) until Alejandro video. I didn't stan anyone until Rihanna (S&M) but I'm over that too.

#R8 ha power chi1 

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Jose 3,461

All my life i've been a fan of Madonna, Britney and Xtina (Well i'm a fan since i'm 11 but i liked them when i was young jj2 )

So i won't include them:

2007 - Present: i started to stan The Killers, Muse, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Arctic Monkeys

2009: i liked gaga but i thought she was a gospel singer idk because i never saw Bad Romance video, just heard the song and i liked it jj2 i can't say i stan her because i don't jj2 but i like some bops jj2 

2011 - Present: Katy, Kylie, Adele, Ariana Grande (Actually not a stan but i remember to listen Rolling in the Deep Cover and Give It Up from Victorious, she was my fav singer then, i remember i made a brochure of her in my english class rip1 )

2012 - Present: Mariah, P!nk, Marina, Peaches, Regina Spektor , Dolly Parton, Cher, Kate Bush, Pixie Lott

2013 - Present: JLo, Rihanna, Natalia Kills, Duffy, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Miguel, Björk

2014 - Present: Lily Allen, Jessica Simpson, Melanie, M.I.A, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Charli XCX, MO, Sky Ferreira, Tinashe (A lot of girls tbh jj2 ) Azealia Banks, Gerard Way, Tove Lo, 

2015: I like some Taylor bops but just from 1989 jj2 Some janet songs tho, Allie X, St. Vincent

actually i guess i stan a lot of singers tbh jj2 

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Britney Spears (100% and still do)
Christina Aguilera (not so much now)

Taylor Swift when her first album/single came out before everyone cared about her <3

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ANYE 955

Celine back when the first time I've heard MHWGO, and then Christina when I saw WAGW on MTV oprah2 

Became a gay fanboy since age 5 oprah2 

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