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I would like to take a moment to say thanks for making this section active so far! If we keep it up we will be able to keep the section! Godanna/Rihsus deserves it cry1 We can do this for the queen!

Oh & my Godanna sweatshirt/keychain/tour book/poster comes in the mail together! And I just won on eBay a Rihanna Navy tote bag, Rihanna cup, & Rihanna poster.

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Here's the 1st one which is the VIP Package content from the Loud Tour - I had meet & greet for LGOE, but not for the Loud Tour (I had normal tickets both shows I went to) & I really wanted the stuff so I bought it on eBay for a steal price! It's a Rihanna Navy tote bag, Rihanna sports water bottle, & Rihanna poster.


Then I bought a reb'l fluer promo poster on eBay as well http://www.ebay.com/itm/140591630430?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2648

The poster cry1 cry1. You gonna hang it on the wall cry1?

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Yes along with my other 7 Rihanna posters. I dont do those cheap magazine posters either! +tehe3+ I got a framed promo poster, two rated r promo posters, a rated r remixed cardboard poster, a double sided deluxe edition poster, 3D poster, loud red hair poster, & montage poster +tehe3+ Now I'm getting these two I don't I got room for them tbh lol

AMAZING cry1. You can send me one if you want to +shrug+

Kidding fall1

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She does need to release a greatest hits album +tehe3+

1. New Song

2. Pon De Replay

3. If It's Lovin That You Want

4. SOS

5. Unfaithful

6. Break It Off

7. Umbrella

8. Shut Up & Drive

9. Hate That I Love You

10. Don't Stop The Music

11. Take A Bow

12. Disturbia

13. Rehab

14. Russian Roulette

15. Hard

16. Rude Boy

17. Rockstar 101 (U.S.) / Te Amo (International)

18. Only Girl

19. What's My Name

20. S&M

21. California King Bed

22. Man Down

23. Cheers

24. New Song

25. New Song

That would be a long ass greatest hits tbh

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