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Dr. Slay

Tracklist Rearranging

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I Don't Care

This is My Life - Club Version

I Love Men

Sugar Daddy

Where is My Man

Arabian Song


Le Grande Vie

deluxe edition

This is My Life - Single Version

I Love Men - Short Version

Where is My Man - Megamix

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1953 RCA Victor Presents That Bad Eartha

Side A


  1. Under the Bridges of Paris
  2. Avril Au Portugal
  3. Angelitos Negros
  4. Mountain High, Valley Low
  5. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  6. Sandy's Tune
  7. Salangadou


Side B


  1. I Want to Be Evil
  2. Let's Do it
  3. The Blues
  4. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  5. Señor
  6. African Lullaby
  7. Lilac Wine
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1. Stripped (Intro)

2. Can't Hold Us Down

3. Make Over

4. Primer Amor (Interlude)

5. Infatuation

6. Walk Away

7. Fighter

8. Impossible 

9. Beautiful 

10. Get Mine, Get Yours

11. Dirrty 

12. Cruz

13. Soar

14. The Voice Within

15. I'm OK

16. Keep On Singin' My Song

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1. Bionic

2. Woohoo (feat. Nicki Minaj)

3. Not Myself Tonight

4. Monday Morning

5. Desnudate

6. Elastic Love

7. Sex For Breakfast

8. Prima Donna

9. Vanity

10. I Hate Boys

11. Birds of Prey

12. Stronger Than Ever

13. You Lost Me

14. Lift Me Up

15. Glam

16. Bobblehead

17. Little Dreamer


18. Bobblehead

19. I Am

20. All I Need

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Think this is how I'd arrange Emails I Can't Send but there's something amiss with the story in the lyrics. 

  1. Emails I Can't Send
  2. Fast Times
  3. Read Your Mind
  4. Nonsense
  5. Skin
  6. Bad for Business
  7. Tornado Warnings
  8. Decode
  9. Vicious
  10. Because I Liked a Boy
  11. Already Over
  12. How Many Times
  13. Bet U Wanna
  14. Skinny Dipping


There's a couple outtakes that have leaked but I don't have them on my phone so I'll add them later. 

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Kesha - Animal (2010)


1.       TiK ToK
2.       Take it Off
3.       Party at a Rich Dude's House - live performance version
4.       Get in Line - final version intro but demo version vocals
5.       Blah Blah Blah - i'd prefer a solo version
6.       Your Love is My Drug
7.       D.U.I. (Dancing Under the Influence)
8.       Butterscotch
9.       Kiss N Tell - demo version w/o autotune, w/ "bitch not a baller" lyric
10.    Dancing with Tears in My Eyes - finalized demo version with "payback's a bitch" lyric 
11.    Hungover
12.    Blind
deluxe edition
13.    Run Devil Run
14.    C U Next Tuesday - full version
15.    Animal - a mix of the album version and the billboard remix

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Kesha - Cannibal (2011)


  1. Blow - uncensored
  2. We R Who We R - finalized demo version + uncensored
  3. Sleazy - "cum all over your face" lyric
  4. I Taste Like a Cherry
  5. Mouth
  6. Chain Reaction
  7. Crazy Beautiful Life
  8. U Better Know
  9. The Harold Song
  10. Cannibal
  11. 7 AM - bonus track
  12. Shots on the Hood of My Car - bonus track
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Back To Basics

1. Intro (Back To Basics)

2. Makes Me Wanna Pray

3. Back in the Day

4. Ain't No Other Man

5. Slow Down Baby

6. Understand

7. The Right Man

8. I Got Trouble

9. Hurt

10. Mercy On Me

11. F.U.S.S. (Interlude)

12. Still Dirrty

13. Welcome

14. Candyman

15. Nasty Naughty Boy

16. Here To Stay

17. Oh Mother

18. Save Me From Myself

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tried reconstructing the album i had for the demo leaks for Miley's Plastic Hearts when it was She is Miley Cyrus

i have like three variations from Oct 2020 alone dead1 

this one makes the most sense to me

  1. Night Crawling
  2. Angels Like You
  3. Miley What's Good
  4. Gimme What I Want
  5. Hate Me
  6. Win Some Lose Some
  7. Plastic Hearts
  8. Victoria's Secret
  9. Bad Karma - Demo
  10. Naked
  11. Sagittarius
  12. Cattitude
  13. Unholy
  14. DREAM - solo edit
  15. Mother's Daughter
  16. Midnight Sky
  17. The Most
  18. WTF Do I Know
  19. Slide Away - Demo
  20. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

i assume the last three songs were intended to be bonus tracks?

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"Red" (2012)


Taylor Swift


State Of Grace


Holy Ground


The Lucky One


All Too Well 

Come Back...Be Here

Everything Has Changed

I Almost Do

Sad Beautiful Tragic

The Moment I Knew

Begin Again



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one of her best songs ever .... 

Figured I'd post my Teenage Dream rearranging   It's honestly not that different but I like it better this way   1. Teenage Dream 2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) 3. California Gurls (feat. S

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