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Chapter Three: And Your Enemies?

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RihannaRTT    79,066

The FOTPers, once whole, were now split into four different groups. One group was following the white queen of writing credits, Iggy Azalea. Another followed Jessie J on the path straight ahead. The third group were kidnapped by a 7-year-old girl who was taking them to meet her brother at Honeymoon Avenue, and the final group were… having orgies with Miley Cyrus and some drag queens? Ok wow. 

Moving swiftly on. Iggy’s group were approaching the forest palace. For some reason, it felt incredibly cold. It was winter after all, but still… something just didn’t feel right. The palace was on the horizon; they only had a few more miles left to travel. But some of the group were getting tired, and so they decided to break for a sneak. Iggy very kindly offered to make some French Toast for everyone, using this conveniently placed camping kit and pre-made fire. You are absolutely expected to believe that. 

As the group were about to tuck into their meal, they heard a voice. It was like the north wind was speaking to them. The wind suddenly started throwing homophobic insults towards… either the group or Iggy; they weren’t entirely sure. They turned around to see who it was;

“Yo losers, did you know you’re part of a Grand Scam? That bread has been poisoned by that Desperado. I’m Azealia Banks and I’m just here Chasing Time, but I saw you all with this bitch and knew you were in danger! As the Ice Princess, I know the place we have to go; Frozen Tower; Floor 212 specifically. C’mon, Gimme a Chance.”

And with that, Azealia takes out a can of Soda from her bejeweled purse. Upon opening it, she throws it towards Iggy. The can collides with her gigantic head and the liquid pours out all over her. Iggy screams in pain as she begins to melt away. Soon after, she vanishes. The group are unsure of what is exactly happening, but decide to follow Azealia before she attacks them. However a short while into the trip, they see a girl chasing after them and shouting;

“STOP! Don’t follow that Crazy Girl. Hello, Hi, I’m Rihanna. It’s nice to Meet Ya.” The group face the girl looking perplexed. She continues; “Just kidding, I’ve Been Lying. My name is Rita Ora. Sorry if I made you feel Uneasy but I’m here to Shine Ya Light, and take you to your friends. The soda that Azealia threw at Iggy was made with a dangerous Poison, so you cannot follow her. Please come with me and meet my friend. I promise I Will Never Let You Down.”

With that speech, Iggy’s group were split. Would they follow Azealia or Rita? Only time would tell. Meanwhile, the other three groups were starting to make considerable progress in their expeditions.  

Jessie J and her group had been following the rainbow. They had been travelling for what felt like months, but was probably a matter of hours. Jessie was so excruciatingly annoying that the group needed to plug their ears with cheese. With the threat of Jessie’s uncontrollable vocal runs negated, the group had made it to the seaside cliffs. It was then they heard the voice of such a high frequency that even the cheese couldn’t protect them. 

A 7-year-old girl popped out of the shrubbery behind them. She was followed by a group of gays. They looked almost recognizable so it must have been another group of FOTPers! There was one unrecognizable gay with the group too. Chatter erupted amongst Jessie’s group until one of them shouted “Hey, that’s Frankie Grande”. Oh, this is just fucking great, isn’t it? 

After some mild conversation between the two groups, it was established that Honeymoon Avenue lay on the other side of the ocean, and would only be accessible at certain times of day when the tides went back out. Naturally, the groups decided to wait till the avenue become accessible. To kill time, the group persuaded Jessie and Ariana into a vocal battle round of Bang Bang, with Frankie substituting for Nicki Minaj. Exclusive would be the right word to use in this case; treat… um not so much. 

The eardrum pain that the group were suffering during these few minutes was too intense. It was like their eardrums were going to Fall to Pieces. The group were struggling to Keep Holding On. Suddenly, an object shaped like a guitar began to Fly through the air and pierced both Jessie and Ariana. Both girls fell to the ground unconscious, bleeding out internally; Slipping Away.

The group stayed silent; absolutely stunned by what just occurred. Then, another female figure appeared and spoke to the group; 

“Hello all. I am Avril Lavigne…” she was interrupted by the sound of Franke Grande’s unrelenting tears. “GET OVER IT!” she shouted. Frankie was in such a state of disarray that he upped and ran away through the woods with his tears in his eyes. “Well then, I imagine I did all of you a favor. How Does It Feel to be saved from that torture? I know I have a Bad Reputation amongst y’all, but Hush Hush for now, and I’ll explain. The reason I’m here is to Give You What You Like by finding your friends. You Remind Me of how I used to be, and I feel slightly indebted for that reason. We need to follow the path of the Black Star and look for a girl named Alice. Surely she will be able to help us. I Will Be the one to lead you to your Happy Ending.”

The group, made from the followers of Jessie and Ariana, were not exactly sure what kinda quantities Avril was smoking, but she saved them from losing their hearing so she must be good, right? They were about to follow her when another female appeared before them. 

“Hello everyone, my name is Kelly Clarkson. I Had a Dream and it led me here. I know what we need to do to rescue your friends. We need to Breakaway from here and put on our War Paint. Please, Don’t Waste Your Time following Avril. This game of cat and mouse is futile and we’re getting nowhere. This is a Long Shot and Maybe it won’t work, but I believe we need to strike at the heart of this evil. We need to return to The Modlands, and we need to be fast. One Minute is the difference between success and failure. I’m sure your friends will be Thankful for our efforts.”

Both of these girls were past their prime, but the FOTPers had no choice. One of these ladies had to lead them to salvation. The group deliberated on which lady they would follow. Three groups had now been accounted for, but the group following Miley Cyrus were slightly lost. 

Miley’s group had returned to Member Village. The place looked desolate, but at the same time, intact. The group headed to The Driveway and took a short rest before tracing out their next steps. As they were about to leave, they noticed certain things in the driveway had moved around. Things became eerily suspicious. It was then they heard movement. Look around they noticed figures in the darkness. As they moved closer, the light shone on these figures. They looked like… clowns? Oh shit, and they were carrying weapons. Miley instructed the group to get as far away from here as possible as her drag queens would help her battle these clowns. The group was hesitant to leave Miley succumb to this darkness, but had no choice. They had to save themselves first before they could save anyone else. 

Miley’s group ran to the other side of the village. They were back outside The FOTP Lounge; back to where they began their adventure. They saw two figures waiting for them. One of these ladies started to speak to the group;

“We have been Waiting for you all. We are here to help you rescue your friends. Look through this Telescope. Do you see those lights in the sky? There’s A Million Lights. Those lights will be the key to rescue your friends. I know it’s against human nature and we’re Only Human after all, but we cannot do anything except stay here Waiting for Lightning. When the lightning comes here, we will have the power to Stand Up against this evil. I Promise This. One more thing; if you ever need to Call My Name, it’s Cheryl; Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.”

The other girl next to Cheryl then introduced herself to the group; “Hello. I am Ellie Goulding. I have been studying the Codes and what Cheryl has told you is correct. However, there’s something else On My Mind. We can’t wait for those Lights to come to us, we must search for the Lost and Found first. Don’t Panic everyone, we Don’t Need Nobody else to help us. We have the perfect Army right here to go rescue your friends, and we will Scream It Out to the world!”

The four, now-three, groups all had decisions to make. New friends and enemies awaited them, and only time would tell if the decision they made would help to truly save their friends. But which path will you choose? 

Option 1
: Follow the Ice Princess, Azealia Banks to Frozen Tower.
Option 2: Meet with Rita Ora and search for her friend.

Option 1
: Follow the Black Star and look for Alice with Avril Lavigne.
Option 2: Put on your War Paint and fight back with Kelly Clarkson.

Option 1: Stay with Cheryl and wait for the lightning to come to you.
Option 2: Go with Ellie Goulding in search of the lights.


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RihannaRTT    79,066


@Hunty Bear


















@Christ Pratt



@Queen Of Suburbia



@Moist Mahomie



@Blue Riding Hood






@Kesha Sebert



@Russian Roulette









NOTE: Brittnay and Max did not make choices last round and were automatically put into Miley's group because Ariana's group has too many fucking people in it. K. See ya tomorrow at 8 (don't have work tomorrow so I won't fall asleep)

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DW    6,261

Option 2: Go with Ellie Goulding in search of the lights.

fall2I can't go with Avril fall2

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Alejandreaux    14,431

im gonna get up and search for the lights with Ellie instead of sitting on my ass and waiting with Cheryl rav1 

if i wanna find the mods, if i wanna save the day, im gonna work bitch rav1 

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Jake    13,742

Option 1: Follow the Black Star and look for Alice with Avril Lavigne.

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trashmagic    6,878

i wish i could follow cheryl brit2 but i guess i'll have to do Kelly Clarkson 

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