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2 hours ago, Luca said:

I think we should stop defending Gaga in BGs and do their thing, even if it is against her, I'm literally done with the bullshit but oh well dead2 

I was just thinking that. Like its cute for a couple of hours but FUCK do people like to drag these threads with nonsense

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can we just talk about the importance of this song ellie1 

underrated potential top 10 hit with promo ellie1 

imagine the ruth hogben video ellie1


do what u want could have been the summer single ellie1


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So i went to the cinema today with my best friend to watch Mockingjay part 2

And there is a scene where a tiger-like lady helps Katniss and the others



So a bunch of guys right behind me were screaming "OMG is that Lady Gaga? " rip3

And after a few scenes where many Capitol residents were in there streets in their strange clothes they screamed "Gaga"  again rip3


Her outfits and her sense of style will forever be iconic rip3



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