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5 hours ago, Hylia said:

Hi I just want to say thank you for your generosity with all that you’ve shared. You brought light into the darkness that was pre-Chromatica and anything you share with us will continue to be greatly appreciated cry7 

Not a problem I do try my best haha I’m just as excited for the era to come as you guys are so I figured I’d keep our spirits up. But now it’s only a few weeks till we finally go to the United States of Chromatica y’all. bey5

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today's new gaga facT that i promised y'all is from



The Fame Monster era:



The kaleidoscope backdrops from The Monster Ball are all made from footage from the same setup in which Gaga wears her McQueen Armadillo look from Bad Romance’s video and a orbit headpiece, this look was originally recorded and edited as a BDR backdrop at TMB 1.0 But was never used. The look was reused to create the short “White Christmas” film from SHOWStudio in December 2011. I have seen the original backdrop that it is from.

There’s also an entire Teeth unused backdrop in which Gaga puts her paws up and dances exotically around a pair of curtains in a headdress and Armadillo heels. Part of this backdrop leaked in 2019.


the leaked snippet:




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9 hours ago, Freaky Prince said:

Why didn't you appreciate it in the first place? 707224801848066158.png?v=1

I mean I stanned but I just watched this behind the scenes video the other day of her putting the whole performance together and it really shows how much work she puts in and how it truly did pay off


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1 hour ago, Luca said:

her team being smart for once! alex1 

In all fairness it’s nothing to do with Gaga and everything to do with Warner Bros ari9 she has no say in the distribution, I mean she doesn’t even get royalties from the movie and neither does Bradley 

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10 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

Heard Just Another Day on shuffle earlier and it's pretty good really, don't know why I didn't remember it as one of the tracks from Joanne that I like nicki5 

Tea one of the good ones on the album! 

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