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Watched The Monster Ball on TV in HD last night. Was so fucking good +excited+ I watched it with my mother who raved on about how good she was all the way through so I was pleased haha. It is a truly remarkable show.

I wish I could. My internet connection is a slow bitch so the HD Monster Ball video would take days to download.

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Ah that's too bad :( I think they're releasing it on DVD though? I watched it on a big TV, wow it was incredible :D

If it's on DVD i'm so getting it!!! I have the audio which is so amazing +love+

My TV isn't huge, but it's fairly damn big +queenbitch+

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I made my own cover for the album. +laughcry+ It's nothing special; it's just sort of like, how the album "looks" to me. I couldn't find any font that DIDN'T make it look cheap. :tehe:


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