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2 hours ago, Kirjava said:

Wait, we surpassed it? fall1 Omg, we didn't even notice fall2


39 minutes ago, Kirjava said:


@Dita make the Voice thread pls dead2 I'm planning to stay up to see her outfit tonight.


I don't know how fall2 

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4 hours ago, Vertigo-go said:

Me, what's going on? fall5

I just stumbled into some fan page of Xtina on fb, clicked on the members and saw his profile there. He actually has a LOT of Xtina stuff fall4  when will us fall4 

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15 hours ago, Habits said:


Seriously still mad she passed on this bop as a single lj1  #Justice4RedHotKindaLove

My favourite classic bop after Come on Over antm1

I think it managed to chart in Malaysia or something orly1 I think it means it's been bought separately on itunes then.

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WHat's mess is that I had a dream last night she released a Spanish album, and I went to an album party...to Bejing, China  

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