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Just now, TCCM said:

This is how I rank her albums:

1. Back To Basics

2. Liberation

3. Lotus

4. Stripped

5. Bionic

6. Xtina

Stripped and Bionic below Lotus we - ajay1

1. Bionic

2. Back To Basics

3. Stripped

4. Liberation

5. Lotus

6. Christina Aguilera


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19 hours ago, ParentalAdvisory said:

I Love my Girl Xtina, BUT save the Money for a New song  that isnt already dead 

Its AGBW song via their indie label, I guess their label/AGBW is paying for it and not Xtina herself moo1 

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1 minute ago, Ruthless Love said:

It's a beautiful music video... but her hair is a mess. Wish the red would come back; it looks healthier on her.

I'm fine with her hair here but I really don't like her new hairstylist. He almost always just puts her hair in a ponytail/bun and calls it a day.

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