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On 9/27/2020 at 3:56 PM, Kirjava said:

I'm browsing Matt's insta, and his bio says happily engaged. dead2 There's nothing wrong with not getting married,  but why bother with the engagement if you're not married even after 6 years. fall1

I almost feel bad for Matt, it must be Xtina holding out. She hasn't even worn the engagement ring in years.

Seems she doesn't take Unless It's With You literally jj2

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56 minutes ago, Kirjava said:

I have so much school work for the coming weeks and absolutely no motivation. rip2  I almost wish I was past graduation already, but that will mean job searching, and I dread that even more. fall1

Yes, work is worse than school. So enjoy your school life while you can. rav3

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16 minutes ago, STJ said:

Anything would be better than that neckless pic... IDK who chose that pic lol2


This for example, is a slayage:


Yeah, it's a great photo but it's less Lotus and more Your Body. I guess 2012 was simply a rough year for visual creativity; everything by everyone was so literal!

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1 minute ago, Gravity said:

Istg she's only posing for Instagram now scream2 how to sustain a section with that 

It's way too hard to sustain her section, considering there are only about four of us left... ny4


I'll try to update that performance game every day, but losing players one by one dead2dead2

COVID maybe a curse to everyone else, but it was a blessing for her, she can use that excuse to not work for the next two years ny5


Maybe I'll just tag @Billie Frank or @Ghostface and talk about the Honest Vocal Coach in this section ny5ny5

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