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Welcome to the new Top Answer Game! FOTP has had quite a history with this game; first running on the new forum in 2011, and lasting for 8 (and a half) seasons; up until the end of 2013. It's been three years since our last whole-forum TAG series, and I'm excited to say that the Top Answer Game returns today! This is a really easy game which takes up only a few minutes of your time weekly, and anyone can enter. Join in and have some fun with the rest of us. This thread is to explain how the game works; and should be read by both new and old players alike. Without further ado, let's get started: 


The Game
The Top Answer Game (TAG for short) is loosely based off the TV show Family Feud, or Family Fortunes if you're British like me. It also resembles the "majority rules" competitions during Big Brother US seasons. The aim of the game is to score the most points as possible. 

The Rounds
Each season of TAG will contain a number of rounds; usually between three and five. This is entirely up to the host. Each round will last for one week. There will be ten questions posted in each round. You will have to PM (Private Message) the host with answers to each of the ten questions before the deadline; but here's the twist... You should answer NOT with your personal opinion, BUT with the answer you think the majority of FOTP will choose. 

The Scoring
It is the duties of the host to score all of the answers. The scoring will generally be as follows: You get ONE point for each answer; plus one subsequent point for each other person who said the same answer as you. As an example; if you were the only one who said your answer, you get one point. If you and two other people said your answer, you get three points (1 + 2). There are no wrong answers; so every answer will be accepted, but remember that the aim of the game is to score the most points as possible so answer how you think everyone else will. 

The Results
Later in the week, at a designated time, there will be a results show. This will usually be the day after the deadline for the round (which will be specified in advance). The host of the season will post a Results Show. During this show, the host will individually reveal all the answers to each question, and then at the end, will post the total scores for that round along with a scoreboard of how everyone did. There may also be bonus questions; in which the first person to answer correctly gets a few extra points. This is up to the discretion of the host, but is highly encouraged. It would benefit players to make an effort to attend the results shows. After the end of all the rounds, a final scoreboard will be posted and the winner will be decided.

The Rules
There are a few short rules for this game. The first and the most important rule; DO NOT SHARE YOUR ANSWERS. You are not allowed to share you answers with any other contestant before the results show begins. Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified. Secondly, you CAN use Google or other search engines when answering the questions. We understand you may not know all of the answers, so you can freely use search engines to help. However, you should still aim for the most popular answer. Those are the only two rules. 


The Twists and the Turns
Each season of TAG is unique. But some seasons have more twists to offer than others. It is up to the host of the current season to choose whether to add any changes into that round, and to implement them. Please check with the current host if you are unsure of any new twists and turns. These could include eliminations,
new puzzles or bonus features, or other new additions.

The Prizes
So, I'm sure most of you are saying "K, but what do I get if I win?" Well, here's the answer. The Winner of each season will receive a 2 Month VIP package. The Winner will also be given the opportunity to host the next season of Top Answer Game. If they do not wish to, they can nominate someone else to host the game, or the previous host may host it instead. Also, the Runner-Up will receive a 1 Month VIP package! From TAG VI (Six) onwards, the third-placed contestant will also receive a 1 Month VIP


That's all folks. It's a very easy game to understand, and should only take a few minutes to send in your answers each week, so please sign up and have some fun! If anyone has questions, please post below and I'll answer them. Also, please check out and follow our new TAG Twitter Account for updates and information. Stay tuned. 


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UPDATE: See the 'The Twists and the Turns' and 'The Prizes' sections for new additions to the game. 


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