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The Saturdays

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OMG, Faster is like sooooo good cry1 This album doesn't have one bad song yet.. At first I didn't really like The Way You Watch Me, but the snippet is growing on me like a wild fungus, it's really catchy cry4.gif' alt='cry3'>

Now I want For Myself to be revealed.. I need to know if it's Turn Myself In, even though I'm pretty sure it's not :(

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Guest ❤ уυηg яαρυηχєℓ ❤
only snippet i listened to was The Way You Watch Me, aint listening to the songs untill full leak oprah1

Girl, you need to listen to Faster. cry4.gif' alt='cry3'>

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Guest ❤ уυηg яαρυηχєℓ ❤
Attah Gurl! tyra7


Twitter is back up and running. I am not going to be until Do What You Want With Me is unlocked. That and White Lies are my most anticipated track. cry4.gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>

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And Mrs Brown's Boys No idea what Frankly Blandford is doing these days Yas you tell that bogan

What? It's accurate. 


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