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1) 1+1 22

2) I Care 22

3) I Miss You 22

4) Best Thing I Never Had 18 +

5) Party 10 -

6) Rather Die Young 20

7) Start Over 22

8) Love On Top 20

9) Countdown 20

10) End Of Time 22

11) I Was Here 26

12) Run The World (Girls) 20

*Dreaming 14

*Lay Up Under Me 18

*Schoolin Life' 22

*Dance For You 22

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We need to re-do this tread over... :(

You guys turned "The Beyoncé Thread" into a " +/-" game... +noway+

well i've been inter mingling other things in it :tehe: but i agree. but I really want her whole section back (and mariah's but her corner is thriving rn). the only reason i made this thread was because the fan corner section had just been made and i wanted to make sure she had one since her section had just gotten taken away but as you can see it's gonna take a lot more than me to make sure her section survives if it comes back. I think I want to be mod of it. how bout u?

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