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I was SO terrible for letting you wait for so long, but here I am now! Sorry though, I was supposed to do it yesterday but school work kicked my ass unbeknownst to me, but let's get to it shall we? giveup3 

On 3/8/2021 at 10:15 PM, Urbi said:

Anything In Return by Toro y Moi (synth pop, house)

I was really looking forward to hear this one. Before getting into this album, I made my research about the artist as I did NOT know what do expect, at all. You actually made me discover a new artist. The labels such as "synth pop/house/dance" always scare me for some reason, but after listening to Tame Impala's "Slow Rush" (which I enjoyed) prior to this one, I was more confident to get into Anything In Return! Once I did.. was I satisfied with it? Well. I think so! 

I am no music expert by the way, I know you used to write critiques for Popfection but I just won't bother going this far, lol.

I enjoyed this project as a whole, and definitely became one of the albums I'll use in the future in case I want to get productive: I want to listen to music that's "chill" enough for me to stay focused on what I am doing. After the first listen, I immediately picked and saved the following songs: Say That, Rose Quartz (apparently is one of his most well-known), Touch, Never Matter. The album ironically containing a song called Studies is a kii to me. After a few listens, - ngl I haven't listened to this one THAT much since I first listened to it about a month ago - I started to appreciate Day One and Cake as well. Honestly this is a strong one and since I've been listening to a LOT of "Alt Pop/R&B" with Blood Orange, I was not distraught while discovering the project. I'd rate it a 8/10 tbh! Thanks a lot for the rec! Which songs are your favorites?


Ungodly Hour by Chloe x Halle (rnb)

Such a good album. I already was really familiar with it before this rec, so I won't say too much on this one. The standard edition has been good from start to finish, with my personal favorites being Busy Boy, Tipsy, Wonder What She Thinks of Me and I think either Do It or Forgive Me. It's not interesting to talk about the standard version further, so let's get into the Chrome Edition! What are your thoughts on it? I enjoyed Hazy, but it's clear this didn't belong on the standard edition of the album. 80/20 tho? Now it's THAT bitch, I love the atmosphere of the song? Not easy for me to describe, but its universe (to me) seems more of a 'hazy' song, rather than the song  called like that lmao. It's so good, top notch. Love their harmonies. Hazy is meh as of now - and probably will grow on me overtime, but on the other hand I bought 80/20 right away. The latter is a very good addition to the album. Hope they didn't release it for the sake of it, and will ACTUALLY promote it.  giveup3  


Playboi Carti’s ST and Die Lit (rap)

Couldn't find ST, so I immediately went on to listen to Die Lit, and it's catchy overall! I already knew some of the songs: Fell In Luv, Poke It Out.. But I enjoyed it at first listen, and the beats are catchy overall. I didn't get bored while listening to it, but it feels like a really long album tho ngl. Some songs which I would say I enjoyed the most: Lean 4 Real, Poke It Out, Pull Up. Perhaps there are more, but as of I now I don't think of any that stood out like that. It's good and good for house "partying". Usually for these kind of albums, when most of the songs are up-tempos (and I know it's a rap one, but rip4)  I pay more attention to the sound of the album rather than the lyrics. Clearly my "fave" songs off of this are mostly based on what I enjoyed the most sonically. I enjoyed what I heard for the most part. There aren't huge duds like that but it felt long at time. I'd give it a 7.5/10 regardless. I'm curious to know your favorite songs on this one too? (Continuing on the next post btw don't pay attn to my mistakes I didn't take time to correct myself. I started writing the second part of the albums but I'm already sleepy so I'll continue on later, but promise it'll be there lmao.)


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6 hours ago, Urbi said:

Omg @Fletch new Toro stan! oprah15 

Glad you enjoyed the album cry7 It’s a bop after bop (if you remove Studies from the tracklist lmao)


My favourite songs? Plenty. So Many Details, Cola, Cake, Rose Quartz, Say That and Day One bey12 If you truly enjoyed it find some time for his last album called Outer Peace! It’s as good as AIR if not better.

I'm looking for new albums to listen to so I'll give it a try! clap3 It holds up well for a 2013 album, but then again I think most "alt" albums age better overtime. But yeah overall I think it was hard for me to pick some faves because it's one of these albums you can listen to from start to finish and I love it oprah15 


6 hours ago, Urbi said:

It’s lazy and bland jj4 80/20 sounded better few months ago and Hazy is just bad. None of the songs are a match for anything from standard version. Do It, Forgive Me, Baby Girl, Ungodly Hour, Busy Boy all bops

Actually I'm not THAT much of a Chloe x Halle stan so I had no idea 80/20 was released a few months ago, then I assume this re-release is just useless to gain 5 spots on the Billboard 200 skjsjas. Tea, the standard outsold, and it's also an album you can listen to from start to finish. Ngl it took me some time to remember all of the songs but now I did, I really enjoy it giveup3 

6 hours ago, Urbi said:

By ST, I meant Self Titled aka Playboi Carti and it’s everywhere from YouTube to streaming services jj2 


Die Lit is another instance of a banger after banger. 
Lean 4 Real, Old Money, Love Hurts, Shoota, POKE IT OUT OMG bey12 Fell In Luv is that bitch, so is No Time and FlatBed Freestyle. My love for this album is unlimited.


Oh my god, I didn't even click. I literally thought of the album as ST jj4 But why not check it out someday. I never thought I'd listen to a Playboy Carti album in full before and here we are so let's go! How did you discover him?

6 hours ago, Urbi said:

You’re such a king for this honestly oprah15 I didn’t expect so well written and detailed opinions! Just pls stan Toro and we can be bffs oprah15 

If it wasn't for school w*rk kicking in at the last minute I would've done it earlier bebe1 

Toro seems to be interesting visually and his recent album is p short so I promise I'll check it out king!oprah15 

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1 hour ago, Gabe. said:

suddenly i miss @Ghostfacesob1


Baby Lmao GIF by swerk


I miss Dreamgirls’ songs from the championship too ( like everybody else ). sob1


1 hour ago, Urbi said:

I miss the activity bey9 

Hopefully she’s gonna drop an album this year otherwise … dead1 

208 old songs plus new ones incoming to compete again! jj2

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