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What Ari song are you listening?

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Eleven.    31,776
2 hours ago, #JusticeForSober said:

Mess we do have one it's just not pinned for some reason dead7

2 hours ago, Royalty said:

Do we have one? rih1 
Oh sorry, I didn't see that.
Pin this one though. ny7ny9 

It's because all those fun threads are available through the "Welcome to the Ariana Grande section" thread ny7 We like to keep our section clean, but I wouldn't mind pinning a thread where you can spam tf out of yourself I wouldn't mind pinning this though ny7 


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Eleven.    31,776
16 hours ago, Cortez said:

@Luca We should probably pin some other essentials up.. nat1 

Worth the spam nat1 

I suggest to pin the basic threads up like all the other sections..

"What Ariana Grande song are you listening?"

"The Ariana Grande Picture Thread"

and your threads, welcome to the ariana section, the arimosity thread and the album discussion thread nat1 

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