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Leona Lewis dropped from Island Records

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The X Factor alum made headlines when she dramatically quit SyCo, her label since winning the talent-search in 2006.

At the time, she cited the different vision she had for her sound and career as the main reason for her departure from the Simon Cowell imprint.

She would sign to Universal’s Island, where she’d release last year’s ‘I Am.’

Despite being greeted well by critics, sales didn’t deliver and the set disappeared almost as quickly as its release.

Now, a UK newspaper is claiming that said numbers (or the lack-thereof) has caused for her agreement with the label to be dissolved:





I Am, her fifth album, was tipped as a return to her chart-topping form. But it entered the charts at a disappointing No.12, selling just 8,500 copies in its first week last September.

Last night a source close to Leona revealed: “It simply didn’t work out with Island. She made a great record and the label really championed her but something just didn’t click.

Universal is still very keen to keep her as part of the family so they will be holding a meeting next week to discuss her future.

“There has been interest from other labels too”


It’s time like this that one has to scratch their heads in confusion.

Because, unlike most projects that bomb, ‘I Am’ did have a decent enough setup. But like that feature points out, something just didn’t connect.

From our vantage point, the material (much of which was produced by Ryan Tedder) was solid enough and sonically mirrored what’s currently en vogue.

That said…

Many danced around it, yet there was the reality that Lewis’ live vocals didn’t “wow” as much as in previous years and several songs were structured in ways to accommodate her “new voice.”

Could that, in the absence of being a choreographed act or one with a big personality, have been the issue?

Who knows.

What is certain though is that Leona remains a gifted talent, who will hopefully unwrap fresh successes in the future.

Having seen her live on tour for the era, she appears to have ironed out some of the earlier kinks heard in the campaign’s initial performances. Something her next venture should further assist. She’s smartly veering into Broadway, replacing Nicole Scherzinger in ‘CATS’

Still, as one who absolutely believes in her potential as an artist, fingers crossed that the stars align for her again in the future.

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1 minute ago, ChooseyLover said:

Her label didn't promote her enough, I hope this change will be for the better ny3

I haven't listened to that much of her stuff but what I've listened to sounded pretty good. There are better labels anyway. I'm sure she could get picked up by another one. jj4 

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1 minute ago, tigerlily13 said:

Queen. At least she still has BROADWAY and already has other labels interested in her (Universal)

That and at least she's not a former cokehead!



I admire your positivity :)

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51 minutes ago, ChooseyLover said:

Karma is a bitch. I'll remember this when Interscope drops Carly!


She's on School Boy. Interscope just distributes her masterpieces. 

Nice try tho rih2

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