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When will St!nk, Ratville ever make an album of quality like "Breakaway"

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Sorry but even Try This shits all over Kellulite's career. P!nk was the basis for the careers of the likes of Kelly, Advil and Katy (when she was a pop rock chanteuse with OOTB anyway).

She may be an incredibly predictable and boring soccermom who plays being on Cirque du Soleil now but that doesn't tarnish the greatness that are M!ssundaztood and I'm Not Dike.


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While Advil Latrine's "best" work rihmains inferior to just about anything Big Kelly 6 has ever put out, do nawT come for P!nksus Christ's discography. lj1 While I consider Delete This and Messhouse to generally be weak af alberms, her discography is still fairly solid and consistent, and even those two mediocre alberms have their gems. ("Trouble," "I Don't Believe You")

Big Kelly 6 is slept on af tho, and you all know it. lj1 I think some gerls just got pressedT when she did Advil's tropes better than Advil ever could. lj1

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