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Fanmade Tour Setlists

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Taylor Swift-Speak Now Live 2023 

  1. I Can See You
  2. Sparks Fly
  3. Mine
  4. The Story Of Us
  5. my tears ricochet
  6. Treacherous
  7. 'tis the damn season
  8. cardigan
  9. When Emma Falls In Love
  10. Haunted
  11. Better Than Revenge
  12. Speak Now
  13. Mean
  14. Electric Touch (with Patrick Stump & Pete Wentz)
  15. Back To December
  16. Dear John
  17. Would've Could've Should've
  18. Last Kiss
  19. Acoustic Medley: invisible string/peace/Hits Different
  20. Enchanted
  21. Wildest Dreams
  22. Tim McGraw
  23. Castles Crumbling (with Hayley Williams)
  24. Call It What You Want
  25. Foolish One
  26. Afterglow
  27. Love Story
  28. Timeless
  29. Long Live
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Britney Spears-The Woman In Me Tour

Act I
Work Bitch Video Intro
1. I'm A Slave 4 U
2. If I'm Dancing
3. 3
4. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
5. Make Me.../Boys
6. Me Against The Music
7. Toy Soldier
8. (You Drive Me) Crazy

Act II
Perfect Lover Interlude
9. Break The Ice
10. If U Seek Amy
11. Gimme More
12. ...Baby One More Time (Danja Remix)
13. Oops!...I Did It Again (Danja Remix)
14. Piece Of Me

Radar Interlude
15. Mood Ring
16. I Wanna Go
17. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
18. Freakshow
19. Lucky

Act IV
Everytime Valentin Remix Interlude
20. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
21. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know
22. Swimming In The Stars
23. Inside Out
24. Breathe On Me
25. The Hook Up/Outrageous

Act V
Why Should I Be Sad Interlude
26. Hold It Against Me
27. My Prerogative
28. Stronger
29. Do Somethin'
30. Toxic
31. Womanizer
32. Till The World Ends

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Shania Twain-Come On Over-The Las Vegas Residency

Act I
1. I'm Gonna Getcha Good!
2. You Win My Love
3. I'm Holdin' Onto Love (To Save My Life)
4. When

Act II
5. Any Man Of Mine
6. She's Not Just A Pretty Face
7. Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon)
8. No One Needs To Know (acoustic)
9. From This Moment On (acoustic)

10. You've Got A Way
11. Love Gets Me Every Time
12. Giddy Up!
13. Home Now

Act IV
14. Up!
15. That Don't Impress Me Much
16. Forever & For Always
17. (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here!
18. Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

19. You're Still The One
20. When You Kiss Me

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The Irresistible Vegas Residency Jessica Simpson setlist



  1. A public affair
  2. A little bit
  3. Forbidden fruit
  4. Final heartbreak


  1. You spin me round
  2. I’ve got my eyes on you (rock remix)
  3. If you were mine (elements of when I think of you by Janet Jackson)


  1. When you told me you loved me
  2. Where you are
  3. I have loved you
  4. Sweetest sin


  1. These boots are made for walkin’
  2. Come on over (elements of come on over by Shania Twain)
  3. Remember that
  4. I belong to me
  5. With you


  1. Irresistible
  2. What’s it gonna be
  3. I think I’m in love with you


  1. Take my breath away
  2. I wanna love you forever
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Kylie Minogue: More Than Just A Residency

Act 1: Enter The Club
1. Into The Blue
2. Come Into My World
3. Get Outta My Way

Act 2: High Roller
4. Vegas High
5. Did It Again
6. Red Blooded Woman

Act 3: Studio 54
7. Real Groove
8. Supernova
9. 10 Out Of 10
10. Magic
11. Right Here, Right Now

Act 4: Showgirl
12. Better The Devil You Know
13. Spinning Around
14. Wow
15. Love At First Sight
16. I Believe In You

Act 5: Roaring '20s
17. Confide In Me
18. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
19. Slow
20. The Locomotion
21. Tears On My Pillow
22. Give Me Just A Little More Time

Act 6: Red Hot
23. Padam Padam
24. Timebomb
25. Did It Again
26. Skirt
27. I Should Be So Lucky
28. Marry The Night

Act 7: Time Travel Party
29. Step Back In Time
30. On A Night Like This
31. Celebration
32. Raining Glitter
33. All The Lovers

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Dolly Parton-Rockstar World Tour

1. Jolene (rock version)
2. Run
3. Both Sides Now/A Case Of You
4. Me & Bobby McGee
5. Magic Man
6. Heartbreaker
7. I Hate Myself For Loving You
8. Here You Come Again
9. World On Fire
10. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
11. You're No Good
12. 9 To 5
13. Coat Of Many Colors
14. Blowin' In The Wind
15. Here I Am
16. Girl In The Movies


17. Love Is Like A Butterfly
18. My Tennessee Mountain Home
19. Open Arms
20. Big Dreams & Faded Jeans
21. Islands In The Stream
22. Crimson & Clover
23. Imagine
24. I Will Always Love You
25. Baby, I Love Your Way
26. What Has Rock & Roll Ever Done For You?/Edge Of Seventeen
27. Stairway To Heaven
28. Let It Be
29. Free Bird
30. Purple Rain

31. We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions

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Miley Cyrus-Used To Be Young Tour

Act 1: Hannah Montana/Disney
1. Best Of Both Worlds
2. Nobody's Perfect
3. He Could Be The One
4. Hoedown Throwdown
5. See You Again
6. The Climb

Act 2: Breakout
7. Breakout
8. Fly On The Wall
9. 7 Things

Act 3: Can't Be Tamed
10. Can't Be Tamed
11. Liberty Walk
12. Who Owns My Heart
13. Permanent December
14. Stay

Act 4: Younger Now
15. Younger Now
16. Malibu
17. Rainbowland
18. Inspired

Act 5: The Time Of Our Lives
19. When I Look At You
20. Party In The USA

Act 6: Dead Petz
21. Dooo It!
22. BB Talk
23. Something About Space Dude
24. Pablo The Blowfish

Act 7: Plastic Hearts
25. WTF Do I Know
26. Plastic Hearts
27. High
28. Angels Like You
29. Golden G String
30. Gimme What I Want
31. Midnight Sky

Act 8: Bangerz
32. We Can't Stop
33. Do My Thang
34. Drive
35. Adore You
36. Wrecking Ball

Act 9: She Is Coming
37. Mother's Daughter
38. Slide Away

Act 10: Endless Summer Vacation
39. Used To Be Young
40. Thousand Miles
41. River
42. Violet Chemistry
43. Muddy Feet
44. Jaded
45. Flowers

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More Than Just A Residency - Kylie Minogue



1. Spinning around (elements of magic)

2. Get outta my way/Wow

3. It’s no secret (jazzy showgirl remix)

4. On a night like this (song transition)


5. Tension

6. Shocked/In my arms/What do I have to do

7. In your eyes (Infinite disco remix)


8. Light years

9. Supernova

10. Come into my world (spacey remix, elements of fischerspoon mix)


11. All I see

12. Chocolate

13. Did it again


14. Slow/Love to love you baby

15. The locomotion (burlesque remix)


16. Confide in me

17.I believe in you


18. Dancefloor

19. Step back in time

20. I should be so lucky (disco remix)

21. Your disco needs you

22. Better the devil you know
23. Vegas high

24. Love at first sight

25. All the lovers/Say Something (‘love is love it never ends’ is repeated by the backup singers at the end of all the lovers)

26. Padam padam

27. Cant get you out of my head

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Olivia Rodrigo-Guts World Tour

  1. All-American Bitch
  2. Brutal
  3. Deja Vu
  4. Happier
  5. Lacy
  6. Traitor
  7. Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl
  8. Making The Bed
  9. Logical
  10. Love Is Embarrassing
  11. Pretty Isn't Pretty
  12. Get Him Back!
  13. Covers Medley-Just A Girl/Stupid Girl/Criminal/You Oughta Know
  14. Drivers License
  15. The Grudge
  16. All I Want
  17. Bad Idea Right?
  18. Good 4 U
  19. Vampire
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Mariah Carey-Music Box 30th Anniversary Residency

Act 1
1. Dreamlover
2. Workin' Hard
3. Heartbreaker
4. A No No

Act 2
5. Love Takes Time
6. My All
7. Vision Of Love
8. Anytime You Need A Friend
9. Bye Bye

Act 3
10. Do You Think Of Me?
11. Never Forget You
12. All I Live For
13. Always Be My Baby
14. I'll Be There

Act 4
15. Without You
16. We Belong Together
17. Emotions
18. Make It Happen

19. Hero

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Demi Lovato-Revamped Tour

  1. Heart Attack
  2. Holy Fvck
  3. Substance
  4. Sorry Not Sorry
  5. Tell Me You Love Me
  6. Heaven
  7. Give Your Heart A Break
  8. Neon Lights
  9. La La Land
  10. Don't Forget
  11. Confident
  12. Wasted
  13. Stone Cold
  14. Skyscraper
  15. 29
  16. Skin Of My Teeth
  17. Remember December
  18. Cool For The Summer
  19. Here We Go Again
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Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA World Tour


Act I (Witchcraft)

La Luz Intro

Ya Llegué

Genie In The Bottle




Act II (Red Python)

Make Over Interlude

Como Yo


Desnudate (Contains elements of Cristina by Maffio)




Act III (Altar)

Stripped Interlude 


La Reina

No Es Que Te Extrañe 

Samos Nada

Hurt or You Lost Me (Selected dates)


Act IV (Fiesta)

Pa Mi Muchachas

Can’t Hold Us Down (Latin Remix)

Falsas Esperanzas 

Cuando Me Dé la Gana (one-off performance with Christian Nodal)

Express/Lady Marmalade 


Act V 

Te Deseo Lo Mejor Interlude 





Let There Be Love

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Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation Tour


Act I (Burning Man)

Wreaking Ball


Who Owns My Heart

See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix)

Violet Chemistry


Act II (Sassy Rodeo)

Handstand Interlude 

Mothers Daughter 

Muddy Feet

 Bad Mood



Act III (Diveaway/Paradise)

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

7 Things


Slide Away



Rose Colored Lenses



Act IV (Feminist)

Wonder Woman

The Climb

Midnight Sky




We Can’t Stop

Party In The U.S.A.

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Cher Christmas Residency

1. What Christmas Means To Me
2. Run Rudolph Run

TV Christmas Moments Interlude
3. Christmas Ain't Christmas Without You
4. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
5. Home

Band Interlude
6. Santa Baby
7. I Like Christmas
8. Put A Little Holiday In Your Heart
9. Angels In The Snow
10. O Holy Night
11. This Will Be Our Year

Dance Interlude
12. Drop Top Sleigh Ride
13. Please Come Home For Christmas
14. If I Could Turn Back Time
15. Believe
16. Song For The Lonely

17. DJ Play A Christmas Song

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Taylor Swift-1989 Redux Tour

1. State Of Grace
2. Welcome To New York
3. Cruel Summer
4. Now That We Don't Talk
5. How You Get The Girl

6. "Slut!"
7. Blank Space
8. Delicate
9. Gorgeous
10. I Knew You Were Trouble

11. Getaway Car
12. Maroon
13. Cornelia Street
14. Suburban Legends
15. Say Don't Go

16. Bad Blood
17. Out Of The Woods
18. Question...?
19. Death By A Thousand Cuts
20. You Are In Love

21. Wonderland
22. Sweeter Than Fiction
23. Enchanted
24. Wildest Dreams
25. Clean

26. I Know Places
27. Style
28. I Wish You Would
29. Is It Over Now?
30. Don't Blame Me

31. 22
32. Shake It Off
33. New Romantics
34. Anti-Hero
35. Karma

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Christina Aguilera at Voltaire

1. Genie In A Bottle
2. Can't Hold Us Down
3. Like I Do
4. Ain't No Other Man

5. Dirrty (Jazz Version)
6. Come On Over Baby (Jazz Version)
7. The Voice Within (Jazz Version)

8. Not Myself Tonight (Jazz House Remix)
9. Red Hot Kinda Love
10. Your Body (Jazz House Remix)

11. Lady Marmalade
12. Show Me How You Burlesque

13. Fighter
14. Learning To Fly
15. Beautiful
16. Hurt

17. Ya Llegué
18. La Reina
19. Por Siempre Tú

20. Let There Be Love
21. What A Girl Wants
22. Keeps Gettin' Better
23. Vanity

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Demi Lovato

Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over Tour 2021



Act I

1. Dancing With The Devil

2. Met Him Last Night

3. Tell Me You Love Me

4. What Other People Say

Act II

5. The Art Of Starting Over

6. Melon Cake

7. Lonely People

8. Skyscraper

9. Don't Forget


10 Lightweight

11. The Way You Don't Look At Me

12. Catch Me/ Fix a Heart

13. Give Your Heart a Break

Act IV

14. Confident

15. Solo

16. My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriends

17. Sorry Not Sorry

18. Cool For The Summer

Act V | Encore

19. OK Not To Be OK

20. Easy

21. Heart Attack

22. I Love Me

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Alanis Morissette-Triple Moon Tour

  1. All I Really Want
  2. Hand In My Pocket
  3. Reasons I Drink
  4. So Pure
  5. Guardian
  6. Right Through You
  7. Everything
  8. Underneath
  9. Perfect
  10. Hands Clean
  11. Mary Jane
  12. Not The Doctor
  13. Eight Easy Steps
  14. You Learn
  15. Forgiven
  16. Uninvited
  17. Head Over Feet
  18. Ironic
  19. You Oughta Know
  20. Thank U
  21. Wake Up
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Stevie Nicks 2024 Tour

  1. Stand Back
  2. Talk To Me
  3. Rooms On Fire
  4. Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily)
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Enchanted
  7. I Sing For The Things
  8. Nightbird
  9. I Can't Wait
  10. Bella Donna
  11. How Still My Love
  12. After The Glitter Fades
  13. Landslide
  14. Sable On Blonde
  15. Sara
  16. Edge Of Seventeen
  17. Gold Dust Woman
  18. Beauty And The Beast
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A little while after Electra Heart came out I had this kinda weird idea of Marina doing a tour for it that was more like a musical. Just a stage adaptation of the album. So like no songs from TFJ are

So this is basically my dream FATM tour setlist   The names of the acts directly coordinates with the theme of the performances and the storyline of the show that I have all laid out in my head

dont  we all?    

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