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The Kesha Discography Thread

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Chris Morlock    43,342


about Shots..

There is a theory floating around that this song is a lot darker than it seems and might be about Kesha's depression and suicidal thoughts. The points of that theory are:

  • Pebe revealed that Kesha wanted to drive her car off the Mulholland Drive cliff and kill herself. Mulholland Drive, the place where she talked about killing herself, is mentioned in the song.
  • The line "The world was about to end." could possibly allude to suicide.
  • The line "I hope I go out with a bang" could either mean she is just getting drunk from the shots, or possibly a gun.
  • "Not for the money, not for the fame" could be referring to when Kesha had been fighting to make the music she desired and break away from the image Dr. Luke marketed for her.

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