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7 hours ago, blankdreams said:

@lautnerfied Sis could please hold back a bit in battlegrounds and stuff like that? oprah4 It's kind of... a lot oprah4 

Wait... jj3

On 19/04/2016 at 2:18 AM, Arya said:

@lautnerfied Sis could please hold back a bit in battlegrounds and stuff like that? oprah4 It's kind of... a lot oprah4 

Uhm jj3 

I'm confused rip3 

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4 hours ago, blankdreams said:

dw no one's gonna find out hay1 


even if they did run away with me.mp3 to TPZ hay1 oh wait.

Don't be shady in this section Kween oprah13

Only rainbows and love here oprah11 

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11 hours ago, fab said:

I'm kinda disappointed to see that so many people call Taylor a "calculating, cold hearted bitch" when she's simply a woman who is in firm control of her career. ny10 

She is calculating tho, it's why she's as famous and successful as she is rav2 And lbr she can be a "cold-hearted bitch" concerning people she feels have fucked her over and who can BLAME ha! (oop spoke too soon!) but otherwise, anecdotally, all evidence points to the contrary.

Edit: Also important to note that she can be a forgiving person also oprah4 see Joe, Kanye, Diplo wendy1



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11 hours ago, Daenerys said:

I didn't like it in the candids we saw, but I loved it in the Instagram pics yas2

I love that she at least is stepping out of her comfort zone

Same cry7 Reinvention and experimentation is integral for any pop artist

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3 hours ago, Hyperballad said:

I agree. brit0

Out of curiosity, does anyone plan to go to her October show in the USA?

No, besides the distance, I was lucky enough to see her last year, so I can keep my coins oprah4 

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