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Madonna recorded song with Mariah Carey

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Well "collaborated" 

The Glitter Album is basically Mariah does the 1980s - and who better to collab with on the '80s then Madonna, because I believe, I believe, she had a hand in it. 

Anyway, the song that she, Madonna and William Orbit worked on together will probably never see the light of day. 

And it's hardly news, she revealed this years ago during the promotional tour for Glitter. 

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I think Madonna only produced the track oprah12 

I never believed this tbh cause Mariah collabing with another top female artist orly1 Plus she has shaded Madonna so much its ridiculous eve1 

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found the interview


Found in 'Unreleased Madonna Songs' in Wikipedia:


Angel Of Fire Written by Mariah Carey and Patrick Leonard. Produced by William Orbit. Madonna's writing and/or production contribution is not quite clear. She may have started the original demo or been brought in only as a "consultant". Mariah Carey spoke of the song to the press but her version also still remains unreleased. 


Next one was found in a old Mariah web page: 



ATG OST & A Song With Madonna!! 

"Mariah was interviewed on "Extra." On the interview, she spoke about the collaborations she hopes to do on the "All That Glitters" Sndtrk. "There are certain songs I remember listening to growing up that make me relive moments in my childhood. It's like that moment in my life is trapped within the melody of the song. So I plan to work with those artists and hopefully be able to recreate the feeling as best I can. It's crucal that I try and be as true to that moment of my life as possible," says a nostalgic MC. The list of artists and collaborators she spoke of are as follows: 

Chaka Khan 

Donna Summer 

Cindy Lauper (She spoke of doing a remake of Lauper's "Time After Time.") 

Narada Michael Walden 

Madonna/Patrick Leonard 

Janet Jackson / Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis***** 




"Those are the ones I remember vividly along with some gospel artists I was fond of listening to growing up as a child. Gospel music is what I used to listen to whenever times got hard so don't be surprised if this sndtrk turns out to be completely gospel (she laughs). But again, those are just a few names I can recall. But of course, because of political recording industry stuff, I'm not sure who will be able to collaborate on this one with me so don't go printing anything "Globe" or "Enquierer" (she laughs again). One song is already done so I can speak of this one. It's a song I worked on with Madonna, William Orbit, and Patrick Leonard. It's called "Angel Fire." It's a very powerful ballad infused with William's signature techno flare. But I haven't decided if it will be placed on the sndtrk because it's so incredibly personal. I'm not sure If I'm ready to share that part of my life yet but I guess only time will tell." says Mariah. Well it sounds cool so far. I'll try to keep you updated on the progress of the "ATG" Soundtrack. Keep up the hard work MC!!!"

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Well "collaborated"  The Glitter Album is basically Mariah does the 1980s - and who better to collab with on the '80s then Madonna, because I believe, I believe, she had a hand in it.  Anywa

the two best selling female musicians in history doing a collab together  the gay community would've collapsed upon itself  

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