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Never-Before-Seen Madonna Photographs by Peter Lindbergh

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Agent X    6,816

On the occasion of his new Taschen monograph “Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography”, the photographer Peter Lindbergh dips into his vault to share images and memories from the early ’90s and beyond. He reminisces about shooting Madonna in Los Angeles back in 1994:

"I worked only once with Madonna. What really struck me was her very strong motivation. We were doing a tribute to Martha Graham, her admired dance teacher. I discovered a dancer with a very rare talent. Madonna was moving in a very soulful and personal way, very touching and very much herself. At the same time, there was a feeling of perfection to everything she was doing. I was very interested in capturing some of this extraordinary contradiction, which I found absolutely stunning. Those images are as modern today as they were in 1994."


20160901-pictures-madonna-peter-lindberg    20160901-pictures-madonna-peter-lindberg    20160901-pictures-madonna-peter-lindberg



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Ultra Blue    546


I've seen these pictures used as a "Madonna Copies X" material. If only they knew M was enrolled to Martha's dance school. She did the shoot as a tribute after Martha passed away in 1991.


[Martha Graham] taught actors including Bette Davis, Kirk Douglas, Madonna, Liza Minelli, Gregory Peck, Tony Randall, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, and Joanne Woodward to utilize their bodies as expressive instruments.


Madonna, Martha Graham, and Calvin Klein on the night of Graham's last public event.


...and people still claim Madonna cannot dance    eve1



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Mdolla82    16

Madonna is always very transparent about her influences and when she's paying tribute to another artist.  Every time she's asked about something she's honest about her references.

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