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Katy Perry Trying To Steal Gaga's Thunder Again?

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22 minutes ago, LG5 Pls Dont Flop said:

Lol I knew someone would say this.

btw who is in your avi?? giveup1


probably a gay porn star, i see some cum dripping on the side of his neck.. 


@Jae bae, spill.. who dat? clap1 

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2 hours ago, Gilly said:

katy is a flop nowadays, she's no threat 



LBR her last era was flop, 2 #1 singles, over 4 million albums sold, 27 million singles and tour that grossed over 200 million dollars, Dark Horse and Roar have over 3 billion views together. She's no threat to who?




I'm excited for Gaga, but let's not go after Katy's success.

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Well poor Gaga if Katy can destroy her with a tv appearance.  

Monsterology101 1. No female artist is allowed to be shown on TV or allowed to speak if it's Gaga release week. 2. Every female artist is automatically a threat once she had a #1 single or w

I can't No matter who the fuck you stan, no matter who is releasing music or whatever, what Katy did was an awesome thing, don't even try to bring the situation down with this pettiness.

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