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If i were a boy JOZ7ojk.gif

Halo fwOz5rg.gif

Broken-Hearted girlwwshtsB.gif

Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) tuEylXh.gif

Sweet dreams sCIA4p9.gif

Video phone ft. (LG) qGgvAjp.gif

Ego yqR26Ii.gif

Diva CautpAQ.gif

Why don't you love me FjOC0Ho.gif


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Scale goes from 0-5, with 0 being the lowest and 5 the highest.

No decimals.

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Except for WDYLM, which is a cute 3 maybe, they're all between a 0 and 2 rip4 The I Am... side ones are cheesy and boring, and the Sasha ones might not be terrible but they're terribly uninteresting and schematic - if you saw one, you saw them all, in fact... kind of indicative of the music's quality.

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If I Were a Boy: 2.5 - cute, if not cheesy concept, but theres nothing really memorable about it

Halo: 2.5 - cute, if not cheesy concept, but theres nothing really memorable about it

Broken-Hearted Girl: 3 - i know its basic asf but i kind of like it. she was serving natural and simplistic beauty through and through alex1 the best visual representation of "I Am..."'s aesthetic alex1

Single Ladies: 5 -  one of the 3 videos the 2000s decade will be remembered for

Sweet Dreams: 3.5 - i like the choreo and her looks were on point but none of the scenes really go well together. its really non-cohesive dead2

Video Phone: 4 - good concepts and nice visuals, but it seems unfinished jj3 +1 for being rare footage of my two moms in the same room together tho lj1

Ego: 3 - i think the simplicity works well for this song tbh, i liked the choreo too. not really memorable tho jj3

Diva: 5 - stop the track lj1 lemme state FACTS lj1

WDYLM: 5 - easily the most detailed and cohesive visual from the IASF era gaga13


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If I were a boy: 3 - I liked seeing Bey as a police officer!


Halo: 2 - This video is pretty basic. I've seen the the alternative version of it and I think it's way better.


Broken-hearted Girl: 3 - She looked beautiful in the video, but then again, what else is new?


Single Ladies: 5 - TRULY one of the most iconic videos of the 2010's.


Sweet Dreams: 4 - I am in love with the choreography and her looks in the video.


Video Phone: 3 - Video Phone kinda looks cheap, imo.


Ego: 3 - The choreography in the video works very well with this song.


Diva: 5 - This video is so GOOD. Whenever I watch it, I wait till the end because Beyoncé's walking with fire in the background and I think she looks fucking badass.


WDYLM: 5 - This video was super cute, imo. She had many different looks that I absolutely admired.





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I think the song is a bop  the video is cheap af   

If i were a boy  Halo  Broken-Hearted girl Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)  Sweet dreams  Video phone ft. (LG)  Ego  Diva  Why don't you love me    C

If I Were a Boy: 5/5 Halo: 4/5 Broken-Hearted Girl: 3/5 Single Ladies: 4/5 Sweet Dreams: 5/5 Video Phone: 1/5 Ego: 2/5 Diva: 3/5 WDYLM: 5/5

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