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FOTP Big Brother 3

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It's time for the veto ceremony! @Diamond Heart now gets to choose whether he wants to save @Hylia or @Rachel Berry. If he does so, @Saiga must then choose a replacement nominee.


Diamond Heart chooses to...


Use the veto on Rachel Berry.

This means Saiga must name a replacement nominee.

Saiga nominates...



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Sup losers. It is I, Justice Chen, and I come with an announcement.

Either @Hylia or @Hyun. will be evicted tomorrow. Poor them. They will be the last person evicted before jury begins. So congrats to everyone (other than Hylia or Hyun) for making jury! Now, as I have stated earlier, once jury begins, the witches will have control of the house for an entire eviction. This means that tomorrow's HOH and nominations are powered by the witches. Not only that, but the THREE nominees will be 100% anonymous. You will not know who is nominated nor will you know who you are voting for. Good luck tomorrow, houseguests. The witches are back and they aren't playing around anymore!


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I would just like to say that when I first started this game back in June, I was told it wouldn't be successful.  Yet here we are, on season three   Call that impact  

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Live Feed Update   The double eviction has drawn many lines in the house. @Saiga announced to the entire house that he plans on evicting @Rachel Berry and @Hylia for their betrayals last sea

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