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2016 GRAMMYs: Season 4

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Get ready for the biggest musical night of the year! Tune it to watch your favorite performers and find out who are the biggest winners of the night!








Best Dance Recording


Best Dance/Electronic Album


Best R&B Song



Best R&B Album


Best Pop Solo Performance


Best Pop Duo/Group Performance


Best Pop Vocal Album


Best Music Video


Best Single Artwork


Best Album Visuals


Best Pop Album Campaign


Belinda- Rebirth


Pre-release: Belinda's album 'REBIRTH' was promoted and hyped for at least three or two months after the announcement of the album's name being out. The album was promoted in Saturday Night Live, Vogue, V Magazine and multiple appereances on shows like Le Grand Journal and high profile events like The Met Gala where Belinda was named the best dressed of the night. Before it's release, thanks to the enormous promo that was made to the album the months prior it accumulated more than 450K pre-orders and the album managed to debut with more than 1.4M copies on the first week of being available.


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After release: The promotion made after the album was released was enourmous, Belinda sealed deals with big companies and brands like Lamar Advertising, Apple, Target, Instagram, VEVO, ABC/NBC/CBS, Today Show and the release of three music videos which helped the album get scan more than 3.4M copies sold in three months making the album an instant hit for Belinda and kept the longevity of the album on the Billboard 200 with it's lowest peaking number being #7 and then re-bounding to the top three where it stayed until it was #1 for a second week thanks to her massive promotion. The album has become one of the best selling albums of the year and solidified Belinda's Pop career thanks to the promotional campaign given to the album.


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Kelly Clarkson- Masquerade 

Beyonce- Black Ambition

Rihanna- NEO


Revolve Campaign [x] [x] [x]

NEO Nights [x]

January Vogue: NEO Issue [x]

February Vogue: Body Issue [x]

Nipple Gate [x]

Emmy Wins [x]

Leave! I Dare You (Documentary) [x]

Beats Listening Party [x]

Partnership with the CCASA [x] [x]

Oscar Concert Gala [x]

Superbowl Commercials [x]

Only if Four a Night [x]

NEO: Live [x]

Spectra [x]

Woman of the Year [x]

Lorde- Reflection


- First female #1 single debut since Beyoncé, despite leaking 2 weeks early 
- First #1 single since Beyoncé to debut at #1 and retain top spot for at least two consecutive weeks 
- Over 3.9 million copies of Inescapable sold x x x
- Over 3 million copies of Fire and Brimstone sold
- 1.7 million first week sales despite Apple leaks and setbacks 
- Versace collaboration with two new songs released (no link)
- Huge visual album release (see above)
- Number 1 single with Summer of 82 
- Main leaders of #StopSony movement (just check the beginning of the thread fat) or this
- Iconic Cinderella dress at BBMAS
- BBMA win for Best Album/Best Songwriting
- Over 6.5 million copies of Reflection sold
- Top 10 single despite hospitalization 
- Huge charity work for RoadPeace foundation
- Tour that grossed over 300 million dollars with only 1 leg (aint got no link but you know it's a fact!)
- 24 hour views of 27 million for critically acclaimed In Memoriam video 
- 22 million dollar deal with YouTube to hype campaign.
- Critically lauded V Magazine issue







Best New Artist




Britney Spears

Ariana Grande

Christina Milian


Song Of The Year


Record Of The Year


Album Of The Year





Best Dance Recording -

Me & The Mirror


Best Dance/Electronic Album -

Lorde- Reflection




Best R&B Song -

Christina Milian- Secrets (Feat. Jeremih)




Best R&B Album -

Beyonce- Black Ambition



Best Pop Solo Performance -


 Lily Allen, Good Grief



Best Pop Duo/Group Performance -

Strawberry Blonde, Second Nature





Best Pop Vocal Album -

Kelly Clarkson, Masquerade


Best Music Video -

Reflection: Unabbridged (Visual Album)




Best Single Artwork -

Strawberry Blonde, Second Nature



Best Album Visuals -

 Strawberry Blonde, Desert Rose



Best Pop Album Campaign -

 Rihanna, NEO



Best New Artist -




Song Of The Year -

Strawberry Blonde, Second Nature



Record Of The Year -

Harry Styles- Bloodstream




Album Of The Year -

Rihanna- NEO

















1. OPENING: Rihanna

2. Mariah Carey

3. Harry Styles

4. Belinda

5. Beyonce

6. Christina Milian

7. Shakira & Brendon- Eric Clapton Tribute

7. CLOSING: Lorde



Friday October 28, 4 PM EST







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Lava Records' latest signee, Iggy Azalea, was the first one to show up to the prestigious Grammy awards. The singer stepped out on the red carpet wearing a custom Chanel dress from their 2016 Spring Couture collection. The black dress was perfectly fitted, showcased Azalea's beautiful figure and had shiny metallic details attached to it, whereas the sleeves were quite puffy, made out of a sheer material and had numerious amount of real and alive bees on them. However, the most shocking part of her look was the gigantic pile of hair that stood out and made people turn their heads. Bunch of braids were lifted up and spun into a big bun that looked very much like a massive beehive. It all made sense, considering there were bees on the sleeves of her dress. Azalea's make-up was simple and minimalistic, not extremely colorful, but rather neutral. Without a doubt, Iggy's outfit made a huge statement on the red carpet and left everyone amazed. The rapper spent some time posing for the celebrity photographers, who were trying to get a shot of her, and then walked over to the press section, where she talked to many interviewers from networks like E! or CBS. 

Good evening Iggy! I must say, you are looking quite eccentric tonight. Walk us through your outfit.

That was actually the goal, thank you for using that word to describe my outfit! I honestly felt this need to switch things up and showcase my edgier side that is more daring and dauntless, in a way. I'm kind of tired of always playing it safe and playing by the rules. This era, I'm all about trying out new things and approaching everything differently than I used to. I think that reflects in my music, too, since it's not what you're used to hearing on the radio every single time you turn it on. I'm wearing a dress from Chanel Spring 2016 Haute Couture collection. I requested them to alter it a bit and make it longer, I wanted it to hit the floor, and the original version doesn't do that. And, of course, I wanted the golden bees to be replaced with real ones. It took them some time to figure out what would make them dizzy and asleep for several hours. From the very first second I saw the dress, I instantly became obsessed with perfect little details and how everything comes together in such a beautiful harmony. The bees on the sleeves add a lot of fascination to the look, in my opinion. And then, obviously, my hair. I wanted everything to make sense, and since I'm wearing a dress with bees attached to it, I thought it'd be cool to somehow incorporate a beehive as well. It took us five hours and at least five bottles of hairspray to achieve this hairstyle, but I'm happy with the results. It's basically a bee-themed look!

Did you came up with this entire look yourself?

No, but I did put the pieces together and decide on the final look. I also came up with the idea of having real bees attached to the dress. Basically, my stylist provided me with some ideas on what I could wear tonight. He showed me four or five dresses and this Chanel one really stood out, I thought it was unique and pretty. And I wanted this entire look to have a certain theme and make sense, I wanted each and every detail to interact with one another and compliment each other in some way, and that is when we came up with the idea of beehive-inspired hairstyle. 

What are you most excited about tonight?

I can't wait to see all of the performers sing their songs live. I've heard all of them have prepared stellar and show-stopping performances, and that some of them will leave us truly shocked for a while. I don't know how much of that is true, but I do believe that the show will be as entertaining and spectacular as always. I can't wait to see Lorde's performance, I'm a huge fan of Ella and her music, I'm looking forward to that particular performance the most, I'm not going to lie, especially since she's been teasing great things on her social media accounts. Also, I'm presenting the award for Best Music Video, which excites me a lot, I'm curious to find who will snag the award this year, especially since I won one at the previous Grammys. 

On Monday, you released your brand new single, Carry On. How the response from your fans and general public has been so far?

Amazing! I am so glad that people love the song as much as I do. I had been eager to release the song for a while before it got unleashed. I still remember how worried I was on Monday, basically me and my team were waiting for the song to drop because they wanted to celebrate the release of it in a minimalistic way by popping a bottle of champagne and throwing a mini party, but I couldn't relax since I was so stressed out. I, obviously, love the song so much, but I was simply worried that my fans wouldn't like it, especially because the song is so different from everything I have done in the past. But thankfully, they all love it, which makes me feel at ease.

You're present the award for Best Music Video later tonight. Can we expect the video for Carry On to come out any time soon?

Yes! I'm going to shoot it over this weekend. I think it will come out in the second part of November, although who knows, it might be even earlier or later, I guess you'll have to wait and see! But yeah, the music video is definitely going to go hand in hand with the song, I want it to be very energetic, fierce, colorful and extremely entertaining.

Thank you for talking to us, Iggy! Have a great evening.

You too! Goodbye.

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Bleachella    2,682


lorde appeared in a beautiful lowcut black dress, wearing gold shoes and a gold choker. she turned heads walking down the carpet, walking out of her limousine and waving to the people. keeping a stern and feirce asf face, she moved throughout the red carpet. when asked why she didn't do any technological shit, she said, "I didn't want it to feel like a gimmick. it's really obvious when artists do big dresses just for attention and talk, rather than a meaning behind it. the cinderella dress represented the meaning of fire and brimstone, kind of this fall of the popstar, pure to impure, happy to melancholy, white to black. i think if you're going to do something extravagant it has to have a meaning behind it, i think doing something just to get clicks and tweets is really desperate and tacky. This is a beautiful dress and I feel it really fits with what y'all are gonna see at the end of my performance, but my lips are sealed!"




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Surrealism    710



Zendaya arrived at the biggest night in music wearing a Zac Posen designed dress, with a similarly-colored flower crown for the head-piece. Her hair is also colored slightly differently than usual, dyed an auburn-ish color for the night. For a few minutes, Zendaya posed and smiled on the red carpet while photographers snapped pictures of her. She then was stopped by an interviewer to talk about her upcoming single About U, and her general thoughts regarding the award show about to start. 



The dress I'm wearing was designed by Zac Posen. I think he did a very good job creating what I envisioned, which was a dress that wasn't too extravagant, but still beautiful. I added the flower crown myself to add more to the look as a whole. Overall, I was going for a very organic "princess" look. I didn't want to step across any boundaries for tonight, and keep things real simple basically.



My new single About U being released so soon brings me such a good feeling, especially after taking a break and being inactive for for so long. I almost can't believe that it's only two days until it's out, and that the video will be out not too long after. I'm just grateful for the fans the stuck by me during the hiatus, and the talented people that worked on the single with me.



I'm so excited for tonight! All of the performers are outstandingly, as well are the nominees for the night. I'm actually presenting an award with Rita Ora tonight, where I'll be wearing my second out, yes second, outfit. Trying to change, and do my makeup on time will be crazy! Tonight will just be very memorable, and I'm glad to be here surrounded by so many incredible and talented people.

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Harry_CAL    2,058



Lana Del Rey just arrived at the Grammy Awards fresh from the announcement that her comeback single Scars has debuted at number one!

The star was glowing, wearing a Chanel couture dress with a flowing cape. She briefly took the time after posing for photographs to give an exclusive interview to a reporter waiting on the carpet.

Reporter: Lana, welcome to the Grammys! And congratulations on the number one single - that’s huge!
Lana: Thank you so much, it’s been such a great day. I’m so happy to have experienced this response, it’s been truly overwhelming. It’s going to be a wonderful evening to celebrate.

Reporter: You certainly deserve it! After having Scars experience such success, do you feel that being at a show like the Grammys is making you want to get back up on the stage?
Lana: Absolutely! I can’t wait to do more performances of Scars, and my other new songs. But being here tonight and not having the pressure of being nominated or performing is nice too, I can just celebrate the great work by other artists and enjoy the performances.

Reporter: Just now you mentioned the other new songs, from your upcoming album Silver. When can we expect to hear more music from the album?
Lana: Soon, I hope! There’s a surprise regarding the album coming tonight, actually. But I can’t say much more right now! Just stay tuned.

Reporter: Ooh, an exclusive! How exciting. Are there any performances in particular that you’re looking forward to tonight?
Lana: I hate to sound so diplomatic, but I’m really looking forward to them all. It’d be unfair to single particular artists out, I can’t wait to enjoy the whole show.

Reporter: Well we know you want to get inside, so go ahead and enjoy your evening! Thanks for talking to us!
Lana: Thank you!

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Jon.    5,646


A strong wind was heard as a few men were seen carrying a large ice ball. They place the ice ball in the middle of the red carpet carefully before one of them grabs a hammer, and smashes it open, revealing Mariah Carey in it.


Mariah emerges from the smashed ice ball as she appears in a stunning ice dress. Looking like an ice queen, Mariah shone within the spotlight as the camera flashes upon her following the stunt that was done. According to Mariah Carey, she reveals that the ice concept was inspired by her forthcoming album Arcane, which has a lot of "cold" elements within the album, both thematically and sonically. After posing for the photographers and the fans, Mariah walked in without giving any form of interviews.

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Lucky17    2,201


Next up coming through we have the one and only Céline Dion!
Yes, thank you very much. How are you, love?

I’m doing very well — how about yourself?
I’m cool, very excited for tonight’s event.

Now let’s talk your presence here. I must say, you lashed out at the GRAMMYs last here, so I’m surprised you’re here tonight.
Yeah, many of my fans are just as shocked to see me walk the red carpet tonight. I still definitely remember the snub from last year — it really hurt, I’ll admit that. The Misconceptions of Céline Dion. was truly a diverse, carefully-crafted and very heart-and-soul album. It really deserved the critics’ recognition at the very least, since commercially it was a decline from #TurntUp. To be honest with you, I’m only here tonight to support my girls Christina and Mariah. Both have garnered some nominations and are performing tonight, so I’m here as a friend.

Well technically you’re up for two awards! Britney Spears’s “Fingertips” is nominated for Best Dance Recording, which you co-wrote, and Christina’s new album Quote Me On It., which you executive-produced. How does that feel?
It feels pretty cool, yeah. They’re both projects that everyone involved spent lots of energy and time on and being nominated is nice — I’m very happy for the girls.

Now let’s talk this OUTFIT. What was the inspiration behind this look?
Well as y’all know, I planned on releasing an album this year titled Music at the Diner. Unfortunately due to industry complications, the album ended up getting put out online for free. The album was very 1920s - 1990s inspired, and so I wanted my look to be very simple, very mid-1900s classic glamour. 

Well I’m loving it; suits you well! Now, let’s talk what you’ve got going on right now. Anything in the works?
Of course, y’all know I’m always creating. I’m dropping a new track for fun tonight — you may, or may not get a little preview during tonight’s show. I can’t reveal too much, or someone ‘bout to kill me though. [laughs] But I’ve been working with a few artists in the industry… yeah. Just… having some fun and taking things slowly.

Now you are going to be on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder next month. Give us the BTS on that.
Well the opportunity really came through me doing this song for them called “Say It Again” in 2014, which was featured in the pilot episode and done exclusively for the show. Then when Christina was given the chance to guest-star, she gave me the plug and we ended up getting spots, the both of us.

Are we going to see some in-court action? I’m ready!
Actually, not from our ends. It would be too predictable for us to be just another case in the files. We’re some side characters that are definitely a little problematic at first, but as the plot progresses, so do we. It’s pretty great roles. Our first episode airs on November 10th, so be sure to check that out!

We can’t wait! So tonight you’re presenting Record Of The Year. Any predictions?
Well I’m very excited to be presenting one of the Big Four categories. Being on Metacritic has definitely been a great experience and I’ve built some cool connections with all the artists, and I enjoy going through their works. The fact that people respect me enough and trust me with their material in that way — I don’t take it lightly at all, because I know that I’d want my material to be handled with just as much thought and care. As for predictions, I actually there isn’t going to be a “big” winner tonight. From what I know about the votes, I actually things will be pretty split. I don’t see anyone getting more than two awards, which is a little refreshing almost. The music has been amazing this year and the competition is fierce, which makes everything more interesting. As always, good luck to everyone nominated of course.

So now down to the real question. WHEN can we expect a new album?
Not soon, that’s for sure. [laughs] I look to put the album out in either Q2 or Q3 of next year. The lead single won’t come until April at the earliest, July at the latest. This new direction I’m taking… it’s excited. The rapping is more raw, more emotional, darker than ever before. With that being said, this is mainly a Pop-R&B record. It overall has a more classic, darker atmosphere. It’s somewhat a concept album, I would say. It has a very general theme — it’s something all around us… but you don’t quite notice it unless it’s pointed out. There’s a title and potential tracklist already, and I’ve already selected the lead though it’s not done yet. I’m really taking my time with this project — I want this to be my big comeback, my best album. Since it’s going to be my final one, I’m just going to put everything in it. In the meantime though, I have some collaborations, some tracks, little things here and there just to keep time passing. I’m very excited to see what will become of this record.

Alright, well it’s great to see you. Have fun tonight!
You too! [kisses on cheeks as she exits]


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Ronlop    3,430

Posting for @blankdreams.




Entering right now we see upcoming artist Troye Sivan along with his partner for the night - surprise - Tori Kelly! The two walk on with their arms locked, bright smiles on their faces. On Troye’s first big red carpet he’s wearing a classic black tux, with a black dotted bowtie and a black patterned jacket. After hiding away from the spotlight for a month or so Tori looks healthy and stunningly gorgeous in a unique pink gown, with a floral circular bodice. The fashion-forward gown flowed from the smooth texture to a pleated, longer layer of net material. With such great, beautiful gowns on, the young duo certainly didn’t miss out on any photo opportunities, as they look deeply in each other’s eyes, not afraid to pose a bit more intimately. 

H: Host    TS: Troye    TK: Tori
H: Hello you two! Here we have Troye Sivan and Tori Kelly, looking amazing as always, how are you two doing? It’s amazing to see you back Tori we have missed you so much! 
TK: Thank you so much, I figured it’s about time to get off my couch at home! Well Troye technically took me off that couch when he invited me...
TS: No that’s not what happened, okay basically I got invited to the Grammys, and of course I was freaking out and of course I first went to my “bestie” over here and I was like “Do you think I should go by myself or bring a stranger or..?” And then Tori was like “Is this you asking me to the Grammys?” And then-
TK: Because it sounded like it it wasn’t me forcing it on you! *laughs*
H: No matter what it’s amazing having you both show up, you guys might as well be an actual couple with all this chemistry here and on the carpet, I mean...
TS: Oh no that’s just all for the media, if we are doing this prom-night thing bringing a date then I might as well commit to it you know what I mean?
TK: And I’m just here ready for some shots and seeing Max win Best New Artist and most likely everything else *laughs*
H: But real talk - what are your predictions? Who do you think will sweep the night?
TS: It can honestly go to anybody really, Rihanna and Beyonce swept the industry already, but Bloodstream has been on my playlist for the whole time since it came out and I think it deserve a Grammy or two. 
TK: But then there’s Bitter Memories, that whole Strawberry Blonde album, Kelly, Mariah, Belinda.. ugh. 
H: Speaking of Strawberry Blonde, Troye’s opening for the girls on their tour, huh? As they’ve said they’ll not come tonight as they’ll Fly Away for a bit, what’re your thought on that?
TS: I am! And I cannot be more excited. As for them not showing up.. I think anything goes for a good cause. I haven’t followed on the issue as much to why they decided on doing this, I haven’t asked them either, but all I know is it’s a big selfless act for them, and I’m sure the girls right now in the Republic will be so inspired by what those two can do.
H: Troye, you have some new music coming soon as well, and you’re here today to reveal the title of the lead single!
TS: YES. My lead single for the upcoming album… is called “Generation”. It’s about the moment of youth and that naivety, being lost in the infinite opportunities and dreams that you have, meeting your first love and thinking it’s your everything… it’s a big positive tune. It’s out November 4th, next Friday, and snippets and everything will be on Twitter this week, going full blast!
TK: And I’ve heard the finished version of it and the album actually, firstly “Generation” is a hard banger that you guys will all love, then comes the album, which just gave me all types of feelings. I’m positive I can’t say anything more than that as of now, so just take my word for it that it’s amazing and buy Generation when it hits next Friday!
H: That’s all the time we have today, thank you and have fun tonight!
TK+TS: Thank you!



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Joanne    1,452



The meaning behind Rita's new red carpet dress at this years Grammys is certainly iconic. The singer not only wore this shimmering rainbow changing dress but also got a newly inked heart tattoo all to show solidarity with the LGBT community. She has previously hyped this in interviews and she's certainly proven it with this dress.







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Ronlop    3,430

Posting for @ryjapo


Florence Welch wearing Monique Lhuillier (Resort 2017) with makeup and body paint done by Lisa Aharon.







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tigerlily13    1,403




EXO group member, singer, dancer and actor Sehun arrived to the 2016 GRAMMY awards after weeks of anticipation of his American debut in an outfit custom designed by Yves Saint Laurence. Signing to Tigerlily Recordings and Warner Music Group during the current EXO hiatus, plans were quickly made for the lead dancer of EXO to launch a solo career not only in Asia but internationally as well. Attending the 2016 GRAMMY awards as well as his debut solo single out tomorrow are the first steps in doing so. Sehun stopped for a quick interview on the red carpet to talk about his look, his upcoming single, and who he is supporting tonight. 



It’s a little scary, really. I’ve been apart of a boy group for the past few years so taking on music alone, especially in foreign area is something that has the potential to be very intimidating. But I think I’m ready for it, I’ve had a great time being mentored by artists like Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez, both of which are just incredibly intelligent women, inside and out. So I think as frightening as it is, I’m ready. I’m ready to get things started.


I’m wearing something custom designed by Yves Saint Laurence. I didn’t know exactly what to wear, honestly. I thought a suit would be suitable but I thought about really pushing the envelope tonight and chose something a little more out there. I think it worked out well.


The single is something I’m really excited about. It’s going to be great, I promise you that. I wrote the song and co-produced with it with some really talented ladies, the girls of Say Lou Lou and of course Emma Roberts. It’s coming in less than twenty-four hours. So in twenty-four hours, everything will be revealed.

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Lucky17    2,201


Here we are, with one of this year’s breakout stars and Best New Artist nominees, Christina Milian.

You look fantastic gurl — what’s THIS look right here?
Well this was a custom-made dress from Gucci, so shoutout to them, yeah. [smiles] I was going for something just very classy, very modern, very sophisticated… I really wanted to wear black but I was like “shit, if we could get some gold details, HOWEVER y’all can do that, I’d love that” then when I tried this on for the first time it was love at first test.

So let’s talk your brand-new album Quote Me On It., which just dropped a month ago, and is on its way to Platinum. How does this success feel?
Incredible. If it does reach Platinum, as you say, then this will be my first Platinum album. There’s a lot of firsts for me with this new era. Being back after fifteen years and still reaching my peak, it’s weird, but it’s something I’m incredibly proud of. With “Hometown”, “Neverland, Pt. II”, “Secrets” doing so well, the album doing well, my other ventures doing well — it truly feels like all my hard work over the past decade and a half has been entirely worth it, and it’s just motivating me to work even harder. That’s my message to my fans, and everyone in general — build good work ethic and always believe in yourself.

Tonight’s a big night for you. Five nominations, and a performance. Did you expect this?
Not at all, not really. Maybe like one or two nominations, something cute like that. Then my team told me we got FIVE. I was like, “the fuck is going on?” and even Self Service got nominated, which was a really big deal for me since it was my comeback album. I definitely think Quote Me On It. is a few steps up, but there was so much experience that I put into Self Service and so it was a very important body of work for me.

Now tonight you’re performing — what can we expect?
A very international-type of performance. I’ll be doing the hit single, “Hometown”, which really made it big and got everyone around to Christina Milian again in 2016, moreso the general public. The performance is going to have many things — an apartment complex, families, dancers, flags of countries, lights, choreography, dialogue, live instruments and a lot of Latin love as well. It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, so I really wanted to pay homage to my culture, but do it in a very tasteful way, but also be inclusive of all other cultures, ethnicities — everything, really. Some songs off my album, “Chopper” and “These Four Walls” will also be featured in the performance as they have Latin music influences and I wanted to incorporate that.

Can’t wait! Now let’s talk your visuals, because video after video you’ve been BRINGING it. You just dropped a new video with Jeremih for the single “Secrets”. What was working with him like and give us a little bit of the inspiration behind the video.
Thanks! Yeah, the single is out now still, and we just dropped the video this week so be sure to check it out if you haven’t. Working with Jeremih was always something I’ve wanted to do, but never really realized it, if that makes sense. [laughs] Funny enough, we record a lot at the same studio and run into each other, and that’s how I really got to ask him about doing the collaboration. For the video, we just wanted something that reflects the song. We wanted to showcase dynamic choreography since the song itself is definitely something that can go off in the clubs. We wanted to showcase some vulnerability, as the concept of the song definitely has some fear, lots of emotion. And then we wanted to showcase sexiness, since the song has a very thick, breath’y, hot type of vibe overall. I really put 110% of my effort and time into visuals — I think they’re very important. I’m just glad people are enjoying it. Can’t wait for the next one!

And what song will be the next single from Quote Me On It.?
We’re going to be putting out “Get It Wrong”, sometime in November. I’m excited for the song — I worked on it with Céline Dion and Charlie Bereal, who really brought the cozy, warm and soulful vibe that I’ve been really wanting to test onto this record and it ended up working out just great. The song is sexy, it’s relatable — it’s honest. I’m excited in the coming weeks to shoot the video for it, perform it on tour, and all of that great stuff!

So who are you excited to see tonight?
Fucking Rihanna. Her music is just, MY SHIT, and the fact that she’s coming through with the opening. I can only imagine she’d be doing something new, which would really just make me pass the fuck out. I got the hookah in my purse so am READY to turn up tonight. I'm also excited for Beyoncé's performance as well.

Any predictions for winners?
I’d really love to see Rihanna take some awards home, and I wouldn’t mind taking one or two either. [laughs] Nah, I’m just gonna sit back tonight and really just experience everything — I don’t expect to win at all. I’m just very honored to be here.

Well thanks for the chat and best of luck tonight!
Thank you! [hugs as exiting]


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The next artist to arrive was Harry Styles, the star arrived in a custom Louis Vuitton suit assortment with his natural hair on display, the star spoke to E! Entertainment about his excitement for tonight and his nominations plus the success of his latest release; lusT. Check out extracts from the interview below.

On lusT and it's success
"I'm so thrilled everyone is sharing their love for this album, it's officially certified platinum thanks to this weeks sales and I can't wait to have another platinum plaque to hang up in my awards room, alongside my previous GRAMMYs and many other awards, but like I said I'm so blessed and grateful and I love my fans The Dreamers! out there tuning in tonight. I will be performing and presenting I can't wait."

On performing
"I'm not one for controversy or over saturation so the performance is going to be memorable and special for my fans, I can confirm I am performing Bloodstream but another surprise is in-store and I can't wait for everyone to see the performance come to life tonight, i'm performing after Beyonce so i better step my game up! she's a brilliant performer and of course I'm excited to see Lorde close the show, she's brilliant and I can't wait to be twitching and jumping around along to her music! Excellence!"

On his nominations
"I'm so thrilled to be nominated 6 times, especially for Song of the Year with Bloodstream, i've been waiting forever for a big four nomination and now is finally my time, hopefully next GRAMMY season I can get lusT into the big four. Perhaps even the single Wrong 4 That too and Bloodstream again, the possibilities are ENDLESS!"

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