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Put your iPod (or whatever you have) on shuffle - first 10 songs?

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1. Korn - Love & Meth

2. John Frusciante - This Cold

3. J. Valentine - She Worth the Trouble

4. Tinashe - Flame

5. Day26 - Perfectly Blind

6. Beyoncé - Bigger

7. Queen - These Are The Days of Our Lives

8. Next - Just Like That

9. Solange - Dance With You

10. Rihanna - Pour It Up

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1. Family Portrait - Pink

2. Hostage - Billie Eilish 

3. Diva (Homecoming Live) - Beyonce

4. Deja Vu (Homecoming Live) - Beyonce

5. Yonce (Homecoming Live) - Beyonce

6. AWOL Marine - Perfume Genius 

7. Doing All Right (...Revisited) - Smile/Queen 

8. If God Spoke - Chloe x Halle

9. Wonder Women - Kacey Musgraves 

10. The Bzzzz Drumline (Interlude) [Homecoming Live] - Beyonce


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Nezha 38

Prince - Shockadelica

Madonna - I Want You (Backing Track)

Tori Amos - The Waitress (Alternate Mix)

Ashram - Forever at your Mercy

Jason Donovan - Every Day (I Love You More)

Madonna - True Blue (WTG Tour Tokyo)

Annie Lennox - Keep Young and Beautiful

Madonna - Love On The Run (1981 Demo Take)

Bjork - Saint

Madonna - Never Love a Stranger

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