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Bey's Hairstylist: "Kris Jenner is Becky with the good hair"

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Beyonce and Kris Jenner

Well, that's one person we never thought of. Beyoncé has kept the world guessing about who she's referring to when she sings about "Becky with the good hair," but one of her hairstylists has a theory: It's Kris Jenner!

Anthony Pazos, who worked with Queen Bey for her most recent VMAs and Superbowl performances, told DailyMail.com on Friday, November 18, that "it makes perfect sense."

Beyoncé, 35, famously told her lover to "call Becky" in her scorned-woman breakup song "Sorry" (off her Lemonade album), and since its April release, fans have speculated that the woman with the luxe locks was designer Rachel Roy, Rita Ora or Rihanna, among others.

But no one had mentioned the momager's name. Until now.

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Kris Jenner? Becky with the good hair? Not with that nappy ass head of hair, Karen  

Why would Jay have an affair with Jenner, - is it part of that whole Kardashians feud? The stylist doesn't even present any facts, literally took it out of his ass!

I seriously had to post this bc I thought it was hilarious as fuck omg, but out of all people... Kris Jenner?  

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