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FOTP Big Brother 4: The Aftershow

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Hello and welcome to the FOTP Big Brother Aftershow, a new segment of Big Brother hosted by me, Hylia! In a game where there can only be one winner, there's gonna be a lot of losers, but the losers never get much of a spotlight. That changes NOW! Anyone and everyone that gets evicted will get a special interview which will be aired here in a full, no holds barred format! But before the game starts tomorrow, we have a special surprise today! For the benefit of our viewers, I have interviewed every player so that we can get to know them before they enter the house! Get ready for some shade, tea, and fun because the first interview goes live in a few minutes!


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Everyone please welcome @Rachel Berryto the stage!


What drew you [back] to the house?

Hello Hylia! This is actually my fourth time in the house! It was just that determination and ambition to win Big Brother that keeps drawing back to the house, If I'm being honest here I plan on coming back if I don't win this season and so on.

Iconic! Now let's talk alliances. In past seasons that I've played in, I've been in some..... well let's just say messy alliances. Are you looking to team up with anyone, or do you prefer playing the game solo?

Yes actually! I want to ally up with @QUINN@TattooedHeart@Tiny Little Bowsand @Hyun.although I would gladly form an alliance with anyone who wants to... Except for some certain people. 

Trust isn't something that always thrives in the FOTP Big Brother household. Do you think you'll be trustworthy of you fellow house guests?

Most likely not, I'm irrelevant and I mostly keep to myself except with the few occasional messy moments but other than that I don't anyone is going to trust me which if they don't want to trust me, that's their decision and I can't really change their choice.


Who are some members you're looking forward to going up against? Do you have any friends in the household?

I know this is cliché but I'm looking forward going up against everyone, it's always interesting to see how others play especially previous winners since they'll use new tactics or use the same ones that got them to win in the first place. It's just a fun experience ya'know?


I've had instances where friends of mine have targeted me, even beyond the season where I originally got them pressed! How do you think you'll deal with instances of possible backstabbing?

I'll be able to deal with any friends and/or alliances backstabbing me, after all this is a game and people will do anything to come out on top evening if it means backstabbing your friends to push yourself to the top. Also it really depends on who the backstabber was that could make you react differently.


Speaking of backstabbing, the rumors are floating through the grapevine, and it seems that secret teams might make a return! For anyone that's watched the past seasons, you're familiar with Team America and most recently, The Witches. How do you plan on dealing with any such teams, should you not be picked to be in them?

I am very familiar with both Team America and The Witches, as a matter of fact I myself was a part of Team America during the first, or was it the second?, season of Big Brother. However I was not a part of The Witches last season, so I know first hand what it feels like to be on either side of the fence. That being said if I'm not picked for this rumored secret team then well I'm going to have be extra careful with my competition cause you're never sure what those secret teams are cooking up with their twists and all. 

And finally, do YOU think you have what it takes to win season 4 of FOTP Big Brother?

After playing three seasons, now going on four, of FOTP Big Brother I feel like I have the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent that it takes to become the next FOTP Big Brother winner! But if I don't win well I'll just continue to fight the good fight until I've earned the title of FOTP Big Brother Winner!

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Hello and welcome to the FOTP Big Brother Aftershow, a new segment of Big Brother hosted by me, Hylia! In a game where there can only be one winner, there's gonna be a lot of losers, but the losers ne

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