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Fan Corner for anything and everything Kylie!


Rumour has it that Parlophone is working on another mix of Put Your Hands Up, with Bimbo Jones. I'm hoping this will be released (if true)! :cheer:


Anyone going to/have seen the Aphrodite Tour?

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She did an interview recently and it looks like she wants to do a more acoustic sound and go on an Anti-Tour. Not sure how I think about those plans. It's hard for me to think of her as an "unplugged" artist after all these years as an Electro-Queen.+confused+

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List Your Favourite Albums in Order of Most Favourite to Least Favourite

1. Light Years

2. X

3. Aphrodite

4. Rhythm of Love

5. Fever

6. Impossible Princess

7. Kylie

8. KM 94

9. Body Language

10. Enjoy Yourself

11. Let's Get To It

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Went to see her in London, at the O2. I was in the Splash Zone, amazing experience, great show and beautiful woman!

Impossible Princess is so damn underrated... Actually Kylie herself is underrated in my opinion. Her 1994-1998 era is my favorite one.

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It's a fucking shame Aphrodite underperformed. I hear half a dozen hit songs on it. I knew it wouldn't hit here in America, but damn gorl... :-/

She didn't do the smartest moves during this era.I still think Parlophone is to blame for X but Kylie is equally responsible for this era.

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It had potential, definitely! But they should've released Get Outta My Way sooner, just after the album release (it could've been a HUGE summer smash) and then NOT Better Than Today. Aphrodite or Put Your Hands Up would've worked better, especially if performed at X Factor instead of BTT.

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Ooh wow I love her soooo much. Fan since 2004, just like Madonna. :)

One of the first cd's I bought of her was Ultimate Kylie ! I bought it back then, when It just came out! :D

After years, I finally could see her live this year with Les Folies. TWICE! And I hugged her(and my best friend too) on stage <3 I love her <3 look at my avatar, that me and her <33

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