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23 minutes ago, Aidan. said:

Me Friday around 9: "I feel like Canada got a little but gayer right about now" jay1

*Looks out window and sees rainbow coloured Jet landing on the highway*

Where's that gif of Legendlie on the plane, that will be me on Friday jay1ย 

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Me helping out the kabin krewย ย jay1ย 


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20 hours ago, Aidan. said:

Just went into the iconic record store and they had ANOTHER copy of Lets Rat to It Tour rip2

They also had an All The Lovers Single which I didnt have gaga13

y didnt you buyย Lets Rat To It Tour and send to me...

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1 hour ago, Liam said:

y didnt you buyย Lets Rat To It Tour and send to me...

because pornhub is free

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38 minutes ago, Aidan. said:

Listening to 50+1 and bopping mess1

They should reissue GH92 and 50+1 together as a double disc mess1


21 minutes ago, Aidan. said:

The mix of Look My Way on 50+1 mess1

I love 50+1cry3

I put it on during my annual workoutjay1

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