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57 minutes ago, Aidan. said:

I debutedlie my Rainbow Kylie shirt today at work

One of my coworkers was like, "does your shirt say Kylie? .... Like Kylie Jenner?" So I was like jj4

Then ".... or Kylie Minogue" cry7

I told her Minogue of course

Various others asked too. And I was like yeah Kylie Minogue. My manager was like, Kylie Minogue? Isn't she in her 40s now? rip2

I was like she's 49 rip2

Hope my LGTI one comes by next Friday so I can debut that one too

Queen of being known by your co-workers in Candida


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4 minutes ago, Kuba said:

Omg I've been saving listening to Kylie Christmas until then. I'm perchedT cheer1

Prepare your wig. It's not ready for her incredibly solid and enjoyable Christmas album cheer1

I put together a 4 song EP of the least-Christmassy songs on it to satisfy myself til Nov 1st rip2 

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