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Hosted by Ronlop


Welcome to Create A Label, a game where you can manage artists under your label and release singles and albums.


Every article you post must be a minimum of 400 words (but more is welcome!).

Also, you are only allowed to post a maximum of 15 articles per week for each artist that you signed. 


Since the very first season, there has been a very big improvement in articles so we want to be clear with this season's standards.

This is the format for the articles this season and an article that will not follow this format will simply not count.





- Name of region that promo is aiming for (e.g. Europe)

- Title of article (e.g. Florence Welch appears on Le Grand Journal)

- At least one image

- Article (at least 400 words)

- For articles posted as images, please also include a text version of the article title in your post and link it to Shrib where you should include the text version of the full article





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You will now be able to track your songs/albums on several regions as well as track your song's position on the radio.

You will also be able to find your albums/singles metacritic score on this website too!






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Tour Format: 



We have made some changes in terms of how tour grossing will work this season.

Artists will now take 35% of the money made from each tour date.


For example, if your artist did a show and made $1 million, then your artist/label would get $350,000 from that date.


Opening acts will take 2% of the money from each tour date they open for.







CAL Tube is our new biggest feature this season. A website equivalent to the well-known Youtube exclusively for CAL. 



It also includes the CAL Twitter http://caltube.co/TwitterController/twitterList

There you'll be able to get live feedback from the GP and fans on Twitter.







Metacritic is happening this season. Our official reviewers for S5 will be revealed soon. They will review your albums/singles/tours! It's important to be commercially successful but it's equally important to be critically acclaimed!

The metacritic scores will appear on our official Kworb website!





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Meet your music corporations.


In the OP, there is a list of which label belongs to which music corporation. The music corporation will give you your monthly budget.

@Universal Music Group @Sony Music @Warner Music Group

 It's very important to have a great relationship with your music corporation!






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In the beginning of every month, a calendar will be revealed with all the events that are planned for the month. Your music corporation will give you the budget for the month and you will need to book shows with @CAL Business.

If you want to book one of the events on the calendar, a huge deal with a major company or a couple of shows that are from the list below, you will need to send a private message.

If it's Coca Cola you're approaching, you're writing a message to Coca Cola only. One Private Message per request. 

If you'd like for your artist to star in any campaign for a certain company- you need to send a request to @CAL Business! Doesn't matter if that company is a major one or not. Company endorsements/campaigns happen only through CAL Business. 

You can only contact CAL Business for request 3 times per week!



Every TV Show or magazine that isn't on the calendar is free and can be done without sending CAL Business a request.

Every month calendar will have different events and interesting campaigns available for artists.
Radio Promo is free! Every promo that isn't appearing in the list above is free.








Every 1 copy of a single = $1 in-game
Every 1 copy of an album = $5 in-game

You take 35% of your weekly tour gross.




8Bit Heart (Alex) - Beyonce (Hiatus)
Alesus (Alex) - Rihanna, Bella Hadid
Beauty Queen - Ali Ali
Belinda (Hector) - Belinda, Ariana Grande, Brendon Urie
Bleachella (Dylan) - Lorde
Edu - Lindsay Lohan

Edwonina - Christina Aguilera
Egle (Ignas) - Selena Gomez
Harry Styles (Josh) - Harry Styles, Lady Gaga
Harry_CAL (Harry) - Lana Del Rey
Joanne (a.k.a. Dicso) - Shakira, Katy Perry
Jon. (Jon) - Mariah Carey, Scott Gardner, Mila Jocavich
Kuba - Ellie Goulding, Litho
LivingTheFrootLife - Charli XCX
Lucky17 (Georgie) - Christina Milian, Celine Dion
Luke Louder Michele - Lea Michelle
Marnie - Denis Stoff
OurWarPaint (Seth) - Kelly Clarkson

RebelHeart15 - Madonna
Robert. (Robert) - Maxence
SWINΞ - Liam Payne
Surrealism - Zendaya
The Family Jewels (Denizar) - Lily Allen
blankdreams. (Alvin) - Troye Sivan, Tori Kelly
httppolarize - Glass Animals
ryjapo (Ryan) - Florence Welch, Kendall Jenner, Sam Smith
tigerlily13 (Rick) - Emma Roberts, Sehun


Some major artists who are still available:

Adele, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, Sia, P!nk, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Frank Ocean, Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Tove Lo, Nick Jonas, M.I.A., Years & Years, Carly Rae Jepsen, Fergie, Tinashe and many more...




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Lucky17    2,258


Christina Milian is about to close 2016, which has been a crazy-ass year for her. At the top of the year, she came through with her first Top Ten hit since “Dip It Low” with her comeback single, “Like Me” featuring Snoop Dogg. It would be the lead single off of her fourth studio album, her comeback album, Self Service, which would become Milian’s first Top Three album worldwide and her first to scan Gold. Its second and final single, “Neverland”, would also be certified Gold. After taking about five to six months off to work on a new record as well as relax, Milian would return in August with “Hometown” — a new lead single — after dropping the XXXO collaborative mixtape with Céline Dion in July. “Hometown” would be a complete breakthrough for Milian, as it become her first (of many) #4 hit(s) on the Singles Chart, scanning 2X Platinum thus far and charting for nineteen consecutive weeks, a record this year. It would become a monster hit on the radio, as Milian’s follow-up single “Secrets” would be too, and now with “Get It Wrong” being incredibly close to becoming a Global Radio Smash, Milian’s about to hit three for three this era. Her promotional single, “Neverland, Pt. II” also hit #4 (like all the previous singles mentioned) due to its viral music video, which brought the issue of domestic violence back into the mainstream media; artists like Brendon Urie and Ariana Grande have since released material along the same theme. All of these new songs would be off of Milian’s latest album, Quote Me On It. The GRAMMY-winning album has sold over 2.7million units worldwide since its release in late-September, making it Milian’s most successful album ever. Also making millions from her Hometown Tour and Milian Mascara, a collaborative mascara-line with L’Oreal Paris, Milian has kept herself relevant in the public eye. Her latest move would be the “Get It Wrong” music video, which drew in over 160million views in its first week, as Milian was naked in multiple scenes and having sex with co-star Aarón Díaz as well, although no breasts or penis was shown on-camera. This would only strengthen Milian’s streaming presence, which was already solid beforehand — despite only uploading official music videos onto her CALTube channel, with only four being up — Milian is nearing 1billion views overall. Now, Milian is getting ready to release her final music video of 2016, as she talks on 92.3AMP while promoting her current single, “Get It Wrong”. Milian would give an acoustic performance of the single (“Get It Wrong”) in-studio, along with performing “Secrets” and “Hometown” acoustically. The station announced that they would be spinning the new single at the top of every hour, as well as reminded listeners it was available now.

“Get It Wrong” + its controversy:
I mean, I’m not really too concerned about it. I think pop culture has seen so much sexual material — it’s evolved over the years, and what I did on that video wasn’t groundbreaking by any means… it’s more of the usual-sexual type of stuff that people’d watch on HBO or some shit, you know? I’m pretty sure it’s old news by now. My goal with the video was really to capture the song from a visual point of view and really tell the story through… well, visuals as opposed to the music which y’all already have. I just like to give visuals pretty straight-forward and stay true to the song; y’all saw that with “Hometown”, “Neverland”s, “Secrets”. Of course this video was gonna be pretty different, since the song is different from the rest. I intend to keep putting out videos that are pretty different from each other given that the songs are diverse on the record.

New music video coming tomorrow, NYE:
Yes yes yes. I’ve got a new video dropping tomorrow night that I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for a little over a month. I’ve been shooting lots of stuff behind-the-scenes. [laughs] It’s for a song called “These Four Walls” — I actually previewed the song in the “Hometown” video for that little bit in the bridge which is a lil fun fact. This video is very true to the title. We shot in an abandoned house in Cuba while I was touring in South America. It was like a fuckin’ twenty-hour day I was ‘bout to be EXHAUSTED. It’s a very fun, very dance-type of video and it’s one of the simpler videos, but still visually pleasing to the eye. There’s not necessarily a video like this out from me this year yet, although I have choreography in some of the videos so far. The song was a co-write with Lily Allen as well as some other amazing people, and as always I played a huge role in creating and shooting and editing the visual. So yeah, comes out New Year’s Eve as a little ‘Thank You’ for everything the fans and everybody have done for me this past year. I wanted to end it off with something a little extra.

Quote Me On It. becoming a visual album:
Ah, you caught me! Yeah, I’ve got visuals in the works for just about every song on the album; I just haven’t shot one, but it’s planned so I’ll get to that one next month for sure. It’s funny ‘cause even though I put out a visual EP at the top of the year, I revealed those videos slowly, and I didn’t really think that I’d do a visual album. Going into Quote Me On It.’s release that wasn’t the plan… but after the amazing response to “Neverland / Neverland, Pt. II” and me just being the creative I am… I started getting ideas… and started running with them. But yeah, I’m glad I’m doing it this way as opposed to dropping visuals all at once. I like to give each video its time to be appreciated before moving onto the next one; they all deserve some love, you know? I’ll also be combining the interludes with the full songs as I did for “Waiting… (Interlude) / Get It Wrong”. All of the videos will be available on my CALTube between now and the end of February / early-March. We’ll see how things play out. 

L’Oreal Paris partnership:
L’Oreal Paris and I are taking a little time off right now, and we’re definitely working on new things for the public. The reaction we’ve gotten this past year over Milian Mascara has been really amazing; it’s great to see that so many people find the product useful. There’ll definitely be more additions of the line coming through in 2017, but it’s just a matter of making new things and having them match the quality of the products released beforehand, if not, better. It’s nice to people actually hyped for it!

Next single from Quote Me On It.:
There’s gonna be one more single off the album coming sometime next year. I think four singles for an album like this is just the right amount. We have it picked out and the visual is currently being edited for that as well; it’ll be the next video out following “These Four Walls” and it’s also something that’s very dance-able — hint, hint. This song is a very special one to me… and it’s a special one for my die-hard fans too… I’m sure they know which one I’m talking about right now. They always told me this one would be a killer on radio — I hope y’all enjoy it as well. [laughs]

Whether new music is coming in 2017:
I’m excited that I can definitely confirm something new of some sort is coming in 2017. It’s been a topic that people have been asking ‘bout since the album dropped. It’s been taking me some time to think and stuff, but after working pretty hard and just keeping the creative juices flowing I’m definitely excited to be dropping new material. Whether it’s an album, a mixtape, a single video, an EP — I have no clue yet. New stuff is for sure happening though; I think the odds of another studio album coming out is very unlikely though. I put out two albums this year and so I think a smaller project will be in-store for 2017.


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Hector    22,405





The music video begins with a black screen with the words “Guatemala - 1974” and then, sparkling sounds but not so loud can be heard and slowly a kaleidoscope image is seen in the screen and the sparkling sound then changes to a sound of a car going on a road with dirt and a radio sound with a song (that will be added below) are playing as the kaleidoscope moves and disappears making it seem that someone is watching against a car window and they’re going through some kind of field. Then a man is heard in spanish, “Qué haces? Deja de fantasear Anne dame eso acá, niña malcriada deberías estar aprendiendo a cocinar o algo parecido como tu madre.” And then the image changes to a little girl around 8 years old  being in an old car and a man with her kaleidoscope on his hand moving it side to side as the video now is all silent and the little girl keeps on watching the kaleidoscope moving and her father yelling. He sees that she’s not paying attention and throws the kaleidoscope through the window and the little girl watches from her window as dust and dirt cover her broken kaleidoscope on the ground. The camera now shows a panoramic view of Guatemala and the words “kaleidoscope” appear and then they vanish as the next scene comes up in the screen and it’s Ariana, walking into a church wearing a black tuxedo, red lips, short hair and a beret on her. She walks down the aile but you couldn’t see her face and gets on her knees and prays “Dios, pérdoname por el pecado que acabo de cometer. Pero el desgraciado tenía que pagarla.” and when she stops saying that, the camera now shows Ariana with blood on her lip and a black eye. Then the camera films Ariana from the front and you could see Salma Hayek entering the church screaming “Lourdes, Lourdes qué hiciste?” as Ariana turns around, the video is all black and the words “Guatemala - 2006”. And the song begins.  

The scene begins with Salma Hayek and Gael García being in a little town in Guatemala walking and laughing with each other, holding their hands and Salma then kisses Gael and the scene changes to Ariana in a dark room with a spotlight on her singing the first verses of “Kaleidoscope” and now the scene changes into Salma (Anne) and Gael dancing in a party in their neigbours house at the backyward and Gael (Rafael) was drinking. Then the scene changes at them both going to their house really late at night and Salma goes to a room where a little girl was (a younger Ariana/Lourdes) and Salma enters into the room and looks at Lourdes smiling but as the chorus came in Rafael’s hand is now seen grabbing Anne’s arm and he starts pullling her in slow motion, the camera now films the little girl watching the scene and singing the pre-chorus “I had to bring myself back to life / amid all the violence that was rife / the instability and the strife” and the chorus then kicked in and the girl showed a scared face on her and screamed as the song played and the scene faded to black. Then Ariana was seen in the dark room again and singing the next verse of the song, scene changes into Anne and Rafael the next morning and Anne had bruises in her arm, Rafael grabs Anne by her face while she was washing the dishes and he had anger on his face and then pushes her face rapidly. Then the scene changes to Anne being in her room in her boudoir putting on make-up on her bruises and now Lourdes (Ariana) all grown up is seen entering the room and Anne looks at her from the mirror and the camera shows Lourdes singing the chorus “Hang in there / the sun will appear again / and happy days are near, have no fear..” and then Lourdes is seen walking into a store and on that store she goes through a door that lead to a dirty room where three guys were in there and they hand Lourdes a gun, she grabds it and hides it under her shirt and leaves the place and as she goes out she stumbles against Rafael and her gun drops to the floor.

The music stops and the scene changes into Rafael and Lourdes entering their house and Rafael was pulling Lourdes’ hair and throws her to the floor and Lourdes hits her head with a furniture and Anne comes screaming to the living room and watches Lourdes on the floor and she starts arguing with Rafael as he was waving the gun and pointing at Lourdes “Creías que podías mandar a la niña a recoger una pistola para matarme mujerzuela? Tú crees que yo soy imbécil o qué carajos Anne?” said Rafael with a really angry tone on his voice, Anne then was saying “Yo no he mandado la niña a ningún lado, qué has hecho Rafael? Por qué tiras a Lourdes al piso, mi bebé!” Anne could get the gun from Rafael and starts pinting at him, he then approches to Anne really quickly avoiding the bullet she just shoted, grabs the gun and leaves it on the couch and grabs Anne by the neck and he starts stranggling her, the camera now shows Lourdes who was getting up and sees the gun in the couch and Rafael choking Anne, the music starts once again and as Lourdes was getting the gun she starts singing “Will God arrest me if I try / To mend this broken home / or should I leave away to roam” and she holds the gun up aiming at Rafael, Anne notices it but doesn’t say anything, “And will God tell me not to cry? / But bitter tears make sweet rain” and then you hear the gun clicking and Lourdes shots Rafael over and over again as she screams “Corre Mamá, corre!” and Anne runs away from the living room and Rafael was seen taking the bullets as the song continued. The scene changes now to Ariana dancing in the church from the beginning and then to her face in the living room covered with blood. Then the song ends and the scene from the beginning repets as Anne enters the church and runs towards Lourdes and they hug each other and then the camera shows Anne’s face smiling back at Lourdes and she cleans up her tears. They hug once again as the camera goes away slowly with nigth sounds in the background and the church doors close, the video is over. The logo from RAINN appears and the words below it “Guatemala is considered one of the five most dangerous places for a women were domestic violence is common. This is a real story. Contact us for help against domestic violence.” and that fades to black and the credits of the music video appear on the screen and then the copyright of the music video and it ends. 

The last part of the music video showcased this past year, 2016. Anne was domesticaly abused since 2006.




“Qué haces? Deja de fantasear Anne dame eso acá, niña malcriada deberías estar aprendiendo a cocinar o algo parecido como tu madre.”

Translation: What are you doing? Stop fantasising Anne gimme that, spoiled brat you should be learning to cook or something like it just like your mother.

“Dios, pérdoname por el pecado que acabo de cometer. Pero el desgraciado tenía que pagarla.”

Translation: God, please forgive me for the sin I've just commited. But that motherfucker needed to pay.

"Creías que podías mandar a la niña a recoger una pistola para matarme mujerzuela? Tú crees que yo soy imbécil o qué carajos Anne?”

Translation: You thought you could send the kid to get a new gun to kill me you slut? Do you think I'm an asshole or what Anne?

“Yo no he mandado la niña a ningún lado, qué has hecho Rafael? Por qué tiras a Lourdes al piso, mi bebé!”

Translation: I haven't sent the girl anywhere, what have you done Rafael? Why did you threw her to the floor, my baby!


Song used:







DJEAVU & Kaleidoscope audio changed to this one:



Kaleidoscope AUDIO + lyrics





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Harry_CAL    2,159



Released: 30th December 2016
Writer: Lana Del Rey
Producers: Emile Haynie, Ariel Rechtshaid (add.)
Genre: Alternative pop


Latest Flame is the third single from Lana Del Rey’s album Silver, having now been issued to radio. While it is arguably one of the more minimal tracks from the record, it’s also one of the most pop-oriented songs.

Led by punchy synth chords, the sparse yet polished arrangement and production allows Lana’s trademark deep, soothing vocals to shine. She sings of her ex-lover’s “latest flame”, a new girlfriend, opening with the lines “Heard you got a new girl now / heard she’s got the cutest smile” that she utters almost lazily, giving off a sarcastic vibe.

The hip-hop drums we hear occasionally throughout Silver and her debut Born To Die are back once again in the chorus of this track along with a catchy repeated hook - it’s an instant ear worm. That is, however, until the bridge of the song where a string section joins in and remains for the final chorus, reminiscent of the unique combo that producer Emile Haynie and Lana created together on 2012's Born To Die which will no doubt prove to be an exciting moment of nostalgia with a modern twist for fans of the singer.

Lana has described Silver as a journey of different emotions she felt during the emotional breakdown triggered by a difficult breakup - this song no doubt represents feelings of bitterness, and there’s arguably underlying layers of jealousy.

“Seeing your ex with someone new is hard. Especially when you were treated so badly and fed so many lies that instantly become apparent when you see them with the new girl,” Lana says. “The song isn’t about scolding that new girl. If anything, it’s about feeling for sorry for her and what’s probably going to happen.”







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Hector    22,405



Ariana Grande is back! The four time GRAMMY nominee retakes her promotion from her new album "Heartbreak Hotel" that has been revealed today with the music video of it's lead single "Kaleidoscope". The singer begins a new promotional campaign for her single "Kaleidoscope" with it being solely based on radio promotion through radio stations across the United States where she'll be talking about her new projects, what she has been doing and even performing the single on an acoustic version for the fans and radio listeners in order to get the song played on radio. Catch Ariana's new interview and performance of "Kaleidoscope" below! Radio requests for the song can be done now on mediabase.com or on your local radio station!



  • "This song is beautiful, in my opinion one of the best songs I've written in a while without a doubt. I was so happy to be able to walk into the studio with someone like Beyoncé and record a song like this one, she's so amazing. So humble too, we were in the same label and she was like "Hey! I love your music, big fan." and we got along together amazingly so I was like "Can you look at this? I want your opinion" and Beyoncé looked at the song and we sat down and talked about it and more ideas and more rhymes for the song came into the talking and that's how "Kaleidoscope" ended. I wanted a "risky", if you could say, single as the lead of my newest album. I've never released a ballad so it's like overwhelming to see the reaction towards it. I know promotion has been really not so big but I'm ready to give it my best now and give the fans an era that they will love. I'm happy people have been reacting in a really great way towards the song, it's good to see so much support."


  • "Well, the main idea of the song was to keep it romantic and have this really cool music video, not so hard as the one released [laughs] the first idea was idea of Beyoncé and her team actually but I was like "this needs to be seen" because of how personal the song is to me and my friend Anne so I contacted Francis Lawrence and we started working in the music video. We went to Guatemala with Gael García Bernal and Salma Hayek who played as my parents and started recording the video three weeks ago actually so it was great to have it on time to be released today [laughs] but yeah, I'm so happy with the results actually. This is a real story, my friend Anne was like "I know this song is about me, thank you, I want to tell my story" so we did it according to what she said so she gave us the storyline and th econcept to me and Francis. The music video is beautiful, I really love it and I think that it was time that I finally do a video like this, right? [laughs] the video is now on CALTUBE on my official VEVO channel so y'all can check it out!" 


  • "I started recording this album way back, like, way back [laughs] I think it was at least six months ago? Or more. But I'm so glad to reveal the cover of the album already, the shoot was actually taken by me [laughs] like, all of it the whole art direction, everything was made by me. I wanted to be this careful with the whole album after the whole "Dangerous Woman" fiasco with the multiple covers and all of that stuff that kinda put me off actually so this time it won't be that messy [laughs] the whole album art is already done but there are some songs that I've been writing on still so I can have them perfectly done before the album release that's going to be on February 3! So I'm super excited. I've been working with really great people like Ryan Tedder, Cashmere Cat, HitBoy to say a few in this album and it has been magical. They have helped me on shaping the magic of it as corny as it sounds [laughs] I've also been in the studio with Rihanna actually and she's been so nice! It has been an amazing time for me so I actually cannot wait any longer for this album to be released [laughs]


Ariana then performed an acoustic version of her lead single "Kaleidoscope" for the radio listeners and fans using her guitar and her soft vocals. After the performance, the radio host introduced the song to the radio listeners and reminded everyone to get her brand new album and single and played the song. Radio requests are now open for the song! Get it now for $0.69 on major digital markets.


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