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RIP Mariah's voice - 1990 -2016

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3 minutes ago, light741 said:

You said i was one of the people that downvoted all your posts.

no i didnt, i said you were involved in the mass UPVOTING of Q U E E N S posts. and its true. and all the votes you gave here were REMOVED.

and you yourself were mass upvoted as you went from red 400 to green 400 in two hours. 

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She had an awful performance for NYE yes, and her behavior did not help and she deserves all the drags, BUT   DON'T get it twisted. Her voice did deteriorate over the years, but she STILL sh

Oh please, 2013 and 2014 performances of AIWFIY were even worse, let's not forget that #Beautiful fiasco too. We all knew that she lip-synced all the time to prerecorded vocals or had 50-50, the

WHERE did I defend that tragic ass performance? I'm speaking generally, as evident in the video I posted, she still vocally shits on most of faves around here, and that is a fact boo. 

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