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Throwback to this iconic piece of Modern literature

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Salvatore    4,663


lmfao1 more than 5 years later and this ICONIC ROAST is still the funniest thing I've ever seen. Khia is such an irrelevant bitch/one-hit-wonder but she has 0 fucks to give and tons of SCALDING TEA to spill on these hoes. FOTP who? None of us could ever. The audacity of reading it all from a script and even laughing about her own drags. lmfao2 ICONIC.

I found a (not entirely accurate sadly) script of this online and I wanna share this masterpiece with you in case y'all haven't seen it already! 


Baaaaaaaaby It’s a Fyyyyyyyyyyya Woooooork…….BOOM BOOM  BOOM. Brighter than the MOON MOON MOON MOON!!!! Absolut Vodka with NO chaser because yall bitches gone be fucked up when you finish reading this. Someone please pull out the gas grill, the hamburgers, hot dogs and barbeque sauce because somebody is getting ready to go up in FLAMES! Happy 4th of July people…… It’s about to be some FALLEN STARZ from the letter A to Z!!!! Lil Big Momma gone address you muthafuckas……

Since everyone wants to question if the Queen can spell, I’m bout to show ya in alphabetical order…… I done gave yall bitches ample enough time to get shit together and I see yall motherfuckers is still TIRED, THROUGH and DELAYED! There’s been a lot of FUCK shit going on and the Queen is here to address it….. Tiny jacking dicks, T.I., Jamie Fox, and Chris  Brown FLASHING dicks but we gone get to that…….. Dis here Lilweezyanna TEA is gone be served on ICEEEEEE!

Before I get started I got some IMPORTANT shit to address…..Say what you wanna, that’s not my concern cuz I’m gone blind you with ass and a bow face on your ass. You haterz can KISS my ENTIRE ass (in my Della Reese voice). You bitches didn’t wanna support Ms. Afine in honor of Tupac’s birthday celebration but yall run and make it HURRICANE when Pinky’s bloated ass is in town. Yall wanna sample Tupac’s beats and act like yall thugz but don’t wanna donate any money to the Tupac center for the children and then had the nerve and the audacity to roast and gag on the Queens African royal

attire??????? You bitches could NEVER get this close to the Queen Afine!!!!!!!

The royal family would have turned their noses up to the FUNK and FAKENESS they could smell from a mile away…….That’s why you STANKIN skin bitches and FUCK niggas wasn’t there. You Punk, Fake, Wig Wearing ass hoes was BANNED and you Dick in the Booty ass niggas was BANISHED …….Afros, Head Wraps, and Thug Misses dresses down to the floor!!! Have some respect and learn to cover up them FUCKED out ass bodies. It was a Black Panther’s party and LIGHTY BRIGHTY and almost WHITEY was not ALLOWED! This was a make-up free event and if you real, meet a bitch at the Tupac center! Media Fucked Out…… You gone get it!!!!!! Shall we begin??????


Letter A- Amber Rose:  Imma show this bitch a little love cuz she from Philly bald headed and all….She cute!!!!  I aint gone judge the hoe because we all know she been on a strippa pole since she was 5 years old, suckin clits since 12, and decided to TRICK and SUCK every nigga in the game and wanna be a model at 35…… Get Money Biiiiiitch!!!!! But I am gone roast at the fact that she leaked photos on the internet of that MILE loooooong, 18wheeler, turned to the SIDE ass pussy, with her DUMB ass and lost ALL of the MONEY! It didn’t work for KATRINA HARBOR and it’s NOT gonework for YOU!!!!! Someone stole your computer, someone stole her phone……Heard it all before!!!! Chile boooo…Stick to what ya know


Trickin, Strippen and Suckin dick and pussy lips…..Get Money Biiiiiitch!!!!!




Letter B- Beyonce: Fuck this hoe………Can Kelly Rowland make a little bit of MONEY????  We all seen Kelly on the EBT card awards shut that shit down and here you come making Jay Z call in all of his favors to put you on the TV screen with that TIRED, THROUGH and DELAYED performance. We ALL could have passed on that! Imma a fan, true enough but we really sick of looking at you! Give Solange a chance or give your husband Jay Z some children cuz he getting ole as Methasulem and his time is running OUT!!  Who runs the world? Girls…..Girls!


Letter C- Chris Brown: Oooooooooooo Hoooooooney…… How many records you sold????Cuz the sissy’s and punks all around the world saw ALLLLLLLL your bizness  With your “Who told Harpo to beat me,” Blonde hair, Dick down to ya knees….. Redirect your anger please!! Looks like another Dennis Rodman to me….. I aint the one to gossip so you aint heard it from me! Let’s go to letter D….. Debra Lee!!!!


Letter D- Debra Lee: Debra Lee You looked like Petunia the Pig up there…… Who styled you for the EBT card awards????? They needed to be STONED and HANGED!!! The fit was waaaaaay too tight around them BIG ass arms and that train was waaayyyyy toooooo long! Shit aint been the same since Bob Johnson left your FAT ass in charge!!! First you didn’t want to play the Queen’s “Been A Bad Girl” video then you fired Free and Aj and now this dress!!!!!!! Enough already……On to the letter E!!!

Letter E- Erykah Badu and Mike Epps: Shouts out to the Queen…..Ms. Erykah Badu, who gave an -outstanding performance at the Tupac celebration!!!!! You bitches should have had a “Window Seat.” Mike Epps…… I loves it!!!! He gave up all of the money Baaaaaaaaby!!!!!! Real King and Queen!!!

Letter F-Frank Ski: Frank Ski aka Doo Doo Brown with your PUSSY pink, BABY blue, PASTEL, EASTER colored shirt wearing ass We know true TEA on why you FIRED Ms. Sophia McIntosh!!!! We heard you like wearing Dusty wigs in the weeeeee hours of the morning and ya pussy is dry as Lake Lanier and your official nickname is BUCK RIDER because you literally like that hairy BACK on BARE mattresses…. Fuck nigga!!!!!!! You had nothing to worry about, you knew your secret was safe with the kids but you fired her anyway, your skeleton been out of the closet….Hey Wanda GIIIIIRL!!!! Shout out to Dark Vader aka Greg Street  I did see his Black ashy ass at the Tupac center…..Now on to letter G!!!!!

Letter G-Gucci Mane: Gucci Mane comes home this weekend….We doing it waaaaaaaay big in Chat Town, but why the rainbow colored ice cream cone tatted on the side of your face? Tryna trick and pick up hoes at the Greenbriar Mall flea market???? Come on now Gucci……

Is that “What Dey Do?” That’s all I got to say bout that!!!!!! Stay free this time……. PLEASSSSSE!!!!!!!!!! A is for Apple and J is for Jax……No, A is for ASSHOLE and J is for JACKASS!


Letter H- Steven Hill: Where were you Stevie?????? Oh, you must have got the BOOT just like Free and Aj and couldn’t attend the EBT card awards! You gone learn about fucking with the Queen!!!!! Off with your fuckin big ass head…… Is it me or does this nigga look like he aint got no teeth????? Toothless…..



Better for sucking the Queen’s pussy my dear………. LMAO!!!!!!!!


Letter I-Ice T and Coco: So when did we start giving pimps and hoes a show??????? Now Ice T you know it aint no Coco in that street walker, it should’ve been Ice T and Vanilla Ice Cream silicone overdose. Naw better yet, Dusty Rhodes and Babydoll from the ole school WWF!!!!!! Somebody explain to me how all these crack heads is getting Tv shows and all we see is bitches going to rehab and it still aint working , we done seen this shit before and the Queen still aint got no show yet?  Raise your hands if you ready for the real!!!!!

Shout out to DMX…..Don’t he got a crack head show coming out?????? What the hell is really going on? He needs to get it together because I love this man. X is going to be my pastor one day………Hallelu!!!!!!

See how the industry do ya……..Is this how yall want the Queen to look? But it aint gone work because I’m too strong thaaaaaaaat!

Letter J-Jamie Fox: Do you really like showing dick or is you ready to dress like Wanda fulltime? The Drag Queen’s loved what they saw…….Hollywood does change a nigga?  

You know betta with ya ole ass…….They should’ve never gave you niggas camera phones!!!!!! Don’t no real niggas take pics of their dick with they camera phone. At least Eddie Long had on a tight T and bicycle spandex  Yall suga sweet ass niggas just letting it all hang out!!!!!!!


Letter K-Katrina Laverne Taylor and Kimberly Denise Jones:  I done let Lil Kim have it on my single “Fix Your Face,” available on I-tunes, so we gone dedicate the letter K to Katrina Harbor, who done gave all


these niggas and bull daggers HIV, Lupus and Grave’s Disease loosing hair and weight, with eyes and thyroids bulging out of the socket! Katrina Harbor has been killing niggas and bull-daggers for a whole decade…… When is yall niggas gone tell the truth? The hood already knows dis…..Easy E aint the only one who went out with a BANG… So glad I didn’t Juuuuuump on that dirty Diiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!


Besides,  I have already let the world know on the “Hit Er Up” diss that Katrina Harbor’s DURTY, ROTTEN and CORODED ass can’t have no babies…..Weezy aint been the same since he left your ass!!!! Aint no need to tweet about you NOT being PREG! When you don’t take your meds you shrink like a prune and when you do, you big as 2 Burger Kings!!!! Keep it real hoe!!!!!

I hear CVS has a new Minute Clinic but the problems you have with your PUSSIE  pussy, you gotta go to the free CLINIC for that!!!!!  Bobble Head Biiiiiiiitch!!!!!


Letter L-Ledisi and Lauryn Hill: Shout out to Queen Ledisi Make sure yall pick up 5 copies of Ledisi new album “Pieces of Me”, where the real people hang!!! And on another note…. Lauryn, tell us why that nigga said that aint none of his children???? What’s really going on???? Don’t tell us you in the business of trapping niggas with a baby too???? Girrrrrrrl……That shit never works! Is he the one who told you to wear turtle necks in the summer time?

Why is you always covered from head to toe??? Skin to win!!!!!! What is you hiding under there? A bitch wanna know the true TEA!!!!!! I aint the one to gossip so you aint heard if from me!!!!!! The sista hood loves ya, but you done let a man and the industry tear you down!


Letter M-Mediatakeout.com aka Mediafuckedout:  I’m a little sick of you sissys and punks at mediatakeout……So I did a little digging and I found out that the turn around time on that job is every 30 days!!! Fred Mwangaguhuanga fires and hires on the regular so I guess those who write the best bull shit get to keep their jobs!!!! Ask him about the Queen’s royal attire…..I betcha he knows, the lawyer turned blogger  Hell, the Queen been doing that rapping and blogging for years!!!!!!! The many stories of mine that yall copied and pasted… I need a little bit of that money baaaaaaaby!!!! Everytime you mention the Queen’s name, the number of clicks is well over 500,000 views ……Call me Fred!!!!!!! You and me must never part……Ma-ki-da-da!!!! Looking like a Turtle Fish turned Black Sea Money, you African muthatfucka! On another note, Yall leave Monica alone just because she wanted a FedEx, Expedited, Rush Ordered Husband, leave her be……Monica is a good woman sol et her have her Justice Of The Peace Wedding……..Rocko wasn’t bout shit….Yall Aint Going Steady!!!!!!  That nigga was only good for that SMOKIN ass head and then he needed to be DISPOSED of. Let’s learn to stop being MISDIAGNOSED, DICKMATIZED, and having BALLHEISMERS for these no good ass niggas! Ladies, you heard it from me…. Leave these no good fuck niggas alone, “Don’t Trust No Nigga,” get ya own shit!!!!

And NO BABIES PLEASE!!!!! Ya see, the Queen pleasures herself and don’t wait for the industry or nan nigga to do it for me!!!!!  Moe rubber bands………Pleeeeeeeease!!!!!


Letter N-Nicki Minaj: Nicki you weren’t prepared for the awards and we were NEVER prepared for you…..Case closed and casket dropped and that’s all I want to say about that!


Letter O-Oprah Winfrey and Chad Ochocinco: Shout out to Ms. Oprah Winfrey for getting your OWN network…….Get Money Bitch!!!! Imma  field nigga, she a house nigga…..Heyyyy!!!! On another note, Chad Ochocinco I know you not thinking about dropping your good SKEET in a cup for that hoe Evelyn? She aint did a damn thang but suck a good dick and sold a few souls and now yall her biggest fan……Puppets and ventriloquist! Eat glass hoe  I hope Tammi and Royce draaaags that ass Florida style….Biiiiitch! Ocho, Imma let you slide cuz I know you’s an attention hoe and change hoes like you change your name. You just doing this fuck shit for a little bit of promotion. So if you ever find a team that ever wants to keep you, send a bitch some season tickets!


Letter P-Peter : Peter for Peter, Peter for Peter…….Ooooooooo Peter that black Peter and I’m talkin bout the Peter……Cynthia’s husband  I’m that mosquito on that Peeeeter Yesssssssss……….Ms. Nene you won’t wrong! The Queen gone have to find her an older husband cuz you little young niggas can’t do nothing with the Queen…..You fuck niggas is 36 years old and still wearing a neck full of chains, tryna fuck these dumb young ass hoes….Grow the fuck up!!!!!!! The hood needs to know that drug dealers is out of style, out dated, old fashioned and the prison is full of them!!!!! You can’t get food stamps in there either, so you gone be hungary!!!!! Boy pussy it is…………  LMAO….Like for real, all jokes aside who been raising yall back wood, tied to a tree brain having ass niggas….Damn, I need a backwood right now!!!!!  Yall niggas make a bitch SMOKE…..A Backwood. Ignorant slave trade muthafuckas!!!! On another note, I hear Poorsha Foxx is in Texas picking up aluminum cans and been stealing the HVAC systems all over town……….

That’s what you get for fuckin with the Queen! Broke bitch, now what kind of car is you driving? Marta Breeze card express…….. Bitch!!!!



Letter Q- Queen: I am the motherfucking Queen, I am immortal and I have inside of me the blood of GREAT Royal Queens….. I have no rivals no one can be my equal or dare challenge me. I AM the Queen! Yall vipors can’t criticize nor worry me, my fruit is ripe and it never spoils. I wear the crown GRACEFULLY because I am an overcomer so I can’t be dethrowned . All you fucking followers need to follow the real leader, the headliner…… I am the motherfucking Queen!!!!!!!! Fall Back!


Letter R-Rick Ross: Is you really selling dope on your IPhone?????? I did see you at the Tupac center but I am not sure if you were just there to promote that tired ass single or there to support Queen Afine and the children because all the money you claim you got, I didn’t see you cut no check…..I’m a little sick of you talking bout dope and fucking bitches in the ass on all your songs! Listen ladies, a straight man would not want to violate your ass, bypassing all that good pussy to go straight to the asshole…… I got a problem with that!!!!! Ass is ass…..If you try one, you tried them all!!!! Once again, boy pussy it is….Cocaine is a powerful drug!


Letter S-Stacy Dash: Stacy we heard about the fight that you had with that whore LisaRaye, Queen Latifah got that bitch playing the right role in “Single Ladies,” LisaRaye claims she celibate now, but don’t trust that hoe because she SWINGS and RIDES all of the rides and slides down all the SLIDES!


Letter T-Tiny and Toya: Toya, congrats on getting married dropping the last name “Carter” because Weezy already told me that I’m wearing it now!!!! As for Tiny, your husband should be on his way home so you aint got to worry bout getting caught for putting them dirty hands underneath the table no moe!!! Next time, think about that shit first because your children have to hear about that shit when they go to school!


Letter U-: U bitches gone learn to respect me,

                  U motherfuckers need to stop popping pills.

                  U hip hop niggas need to come on out the closet.

                  U niggas need to put the lean cups down.

                  U muthafuckas need to learn to wrap it up.


U 80’s babies is fucked up…….Is it just me or have you noticed that crack cocaine has fucked up an entire generation of children? They are really doing the most right now. They fucked up spiritually, physically and emotionally and they seriously need help……Let us pray!!!!


Letter V-Vlad.com: Ooooooooooo I can’t stand his fuck ass!!!Aint this the same honkey that got his ass whooped by Rick Ross them at the Ozone Awards and they had to cut the check and he used the money to jump start this weak website? Somebody needs to stomp that ass again, because this crackerjack is getting paid off our culture, stupidity and ignorance! How the hell yall gone let this PIG make a fortune off of us look like a goddamn FOOL? He intentionally posts racial comments and sit back and laugh at us destroy one another. The Queen is here to let you know, it aint shit DELAYED bout me bitch so FUCK you, the website and everyone on it…..Lost ass monkeys that lack knowledge and understanding. Fools leading fools who refuse to listen and learn. It’s a goddamn SHAME!!!

Letter W-Weezy and Wakaflocka: Yall know I loves my husband Weeezy and I sips Louweeezanne tea daily but this new Weezy, I just don’t understand but I aint gone give up on him, I’m just gone continue to pray…….Young Money biiiiiiitch!!!!! Waka and that little ass peeeeeter ad....The hood is laughing at

you!!!!!  Im gone respect the fact that you showing love to the animals but that body aint wassup!!! Dennis Rodman’s ad looked better……This queen gave you body!!!!!!

Stay tuned for mine…….Coming this fall!!!!!!!!!!


Letter X-:Xcuse me for always keeping shit 100.

                 Xcuse me for writing and producing my own shit.

                 Xcuse me for being happy and nappy.

                 Xcuse me for being the official female independent artist in the game.


Letter Y-Yo Yo aka B.A.C.K Girl: Yo Yo, how is that weak ass diss record coming along that you been working on since 2008? It aint even get 4,000 hits on the internet which proves that you are still a NONFACTOR.COM. You are such a nonfactor that you didn’t even get a picture on this blog for promotion so go on and R.E.S.P.E…Respect Me…R.E.S.P.E ….Respect Me….Respect Me….Respect Me. LMAO!!!!!!! You need to do a little better than what you been doing because I aint never been pleased with your job EITHER!!!!! Kick rocks….Biiiiitch!!!!


Letter Z-Kim Zolciak: Kim you finally dropped Big Poppa like a bad habit because he couldn’t keep the rent and lights on at Shannon Mall in Union City! We all knew that you’s a gold digging, money hungary ass whore with no talent! Kandi wrote you a national hit and you couldn’t even perform it live because you were too busy trying to keep that synthetic wig in place that Derrick been sewing and stitching for years.Its funny how Kandi can write everybody else a hit…Opps, well enough of that back to the subject at hand..You finally struck gold with that young and tender football player after knowing him for only 90 days, you hit a home run with his first born son!!! Get Money Bitch………




The alphabet people just left the building and the Queen has given you a run down from A to Z….No hate intended because I am the industry and have the right to report all of the FUCK shit that is going on in it. Remember, I am an entertainer and I am here to entertain…..Weren’t you entertained?????


Be on the lookout for new album Motormouf aka Khia Shamone on ITunes and the new singles “So Addicted, Fix Ya Face, Spend It On Me” are all available now. Be sure to check out me out on facebook at www.facebook.com/khiashamone on Twitter at www.twitter.com/queenkhia and on the official Khia website at www.motormouf.com. For bookings, interviews and availability contact Thugmisses Ent. at 404-202-7238 or via email at khiatme@yahoo.com. Much love yall!!!!


Ms. Neck and Back




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Salvatore    4,663
1 minute ago, ♚Missy♚ said:

no thanks

Oop and I didn't even have to mention you! At least keep me on block, sis! lana1 

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Sylk    141,738
22 minutes ago, Salvatore said:

OMG She dragged Wendy@Sylk too! ny1 Go to 26:52

she's over. wendy already replaced floprah 


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HOEANNE    423

holy fuck and i thought i could love her anymore than i already did for my neck my back cry7rip3 

can we get some khia emoticons?

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Sylk    141,738
16 minutes ago, Michael. said:

mess at the random downvote dead2 

imagine not being able to handle a joke


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Salvatore    4,663
4 hours ago, Urbanov said:

Her tits are bouncing too much while she's talking jj3

Also I don't find this funny at all jj3

Cause she rightfully clocked Begonecé? jj2 

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