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What was she thinking?

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Nocturn    6,143
16 hours ago, Li'l Sebastian said:

Except not. Pharell tracks were ahead of their time since 2 biggest songs of 2013 sounded like they came right from this album (Blurred Lines aka GI2M 2.0 and Happy).

I get what you are saying, but those songs were made by the same person who worked on HC. If that sound was used by other producers and music artists, then "ahead of its time" logic could have been applied. This only showed that Pharrell remained faithful to his sound and that Madonna had  original song in comparison to Blurred Lines. 

12 hours ago, Salvatore said:

Did no one mention that Beat Goes On was also redone a year later by Kanye and that girl Estelle and became one of the biggest hits? ny12 American Boi, anyone?

Seriously, this album could have been much bigger than it was. 

She should have released BGO. It could have been a top 10 hit in US. She did promo tour, but she should have performed at some TV shows too.

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LoanSPW    362
11 hours ago, SpringwoodSlasher said:

That blackface photo was confirmed to be fake. Didn't Guy say they never saw the light of day and we know the whole shoot of the outfit had nothing to do with blackface.

Yes it is fanmade. The real one remains unreleased.

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