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What do your family members think of your faves?

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 Hylia    67,641
On 1/11/2017 at 11:41 PM, Urbanov said:

Omg, one day I was about to post a topic quite similar to this one! When I was in my hometown in November I asked some of my family members about FOTP faves jj2 Some reactions were hilarious:



Grandma: "The only Madonna I know is Mother Mary" rip3 Grandpa: I only know one song called "Holiday" jj4 My mom started singing Like a Prayer lmfao2 My father on the other hand showed me his collection of vinyls nat1 I was impressed tbh



Grandma: Is she Illuminati? rip2 (my grandma was killing it) Grandpa: One of the most influential black person in the world right now but she doesn't look black to me (mfw jj1) My father automatically connected her with DC and my mom started singing Single Ladies with a funny choreography (finger thing and head nod) fall6



I asked about other faves too ny1

Not your grandma being a savage

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 Hylia    67,641
On 1/12/2017 at 6:59 AM, #Music said:

ok guys get ready cuz my mother is the queen of stan wars tbh 587680e446dd0_AVI2.thumb.png.c883943d7e7 she knows virtually everyone & I got into modern music because of a 40GB folder full of music from the faves + other no1currs jj2 Inb4 I used to be a MASSIVE classical music stan jj3


  Reveal hidden contents


Adele: "Ok she is a nice girl I love her, but overrated af tbh! There are so many singers who outsing her easily yet she gets all the recognisement like if she was some kind of goddess." Her faves are Rolling In The Deep & Million Years Ago


Ariana Grande: "The future of music! I don't understand why she isn't more famous, she has amazing songs & vocals! I don't understand either why she's compared to Mariah, Ariana has good songs and Mariah is a spoiled diva who only sings boring ballads!" Faves are Dangerous Woman, Be Alright & Into You


Beyoncé: "O V E R R A T E D mess! When was her last hit? In 2008? Still acting like she's hot shit when she can't even dance anymore, just shaking her ass around the stage isn't performing! Lemonade is amazing though, I loved the concept and the music is really cool, I hope that she continues making this kind of albums cuz they slay! She is also very fake and manipulative tbh, can't stand ha. Loved the performance with the Dixie Chicks tho" Her fave song is Daddy Lessons with the Dixie Chicks jj2

Britney Spears: "An icon, I love her - she seems a really normal and sweet girl... It's such a shame that she went through all the shit back in 2007 because she could have been the new Madonna oprah4 (she actually started crying once after reading stuff from her meltdown)... She's over now & I hope she retires and starts doing stuff with kids :)" Fave songs are Gimme More & all of her singles tbh rip2


Carly Rae Jepsen: "Very talented girl. I'm not very fond of her music but I must admit that it's quality pop!" Fave songs are Call Me Maybe & Run Away With Me


Christina Aguilera: "She had a lot of talent, it's a shame that she went downhill after 2006! She had a good voice but she has always been over-singing every single song, that's the only thing that I don't like from her - plus her laziness, she should put some music out ffs" Fave song is Hurt


Coldplay: "Very talented guys, amazing music plus Chris Martin is HAWT imready1" Her fave song is Viva La Vida


Fleur East: "Everything that Beyoncé wishes she was but she isn't" Fave song is Sax


Gwen Stefani: "Why the fuck did she flop with TIWTTFL?? Make Me Like You is a SONG and there are plenty tracks that could have been a hit!" Fave song: MMLY


Katy Perry: "The girl has a nice voice, but her live performances make me shriek... She will be one of those artists that will be remembered in 20 years!" Double Rainbow is her fave song


Kylie Minogue: "I heard her name before but didn't know which songs were hers, Lalalalalalalala is iconic! Fave song: llalalalalalalaal (Can't Get You Out Of My Head)


Lady Gaga: "A FUCKING FAD! JOANNE IS THE WORST ALBUM RELEASED LAST YEAR BY FAAAR! The contradictory image, the try-hardness...... trash1 I thought she had potential to become a new Britney/Madonna but she's clearly an actress who can sing jj4 Everything until Joanne is good, ARTPOP is one of the best albums of all time -  the title track performance with Elton John is one of the best moments in pop history!" Fave songs are TIHTY & Artpop


Lana Del Rey: "A joke lmfao2 Her voice is pathetic & her image is just lmfao2lmfao2lmfao2 i don't understand why would anyone like her tbh, all her songs sound the same!" Favourite song is Yellow Flicker Boat jj4 yes.... she thinks Lana sings that one jj4


Madonna: "The QUEEN. There will never be another; controversial, good music, impressive performances, iconic imagery.... An empowering woman who paved the way for the rest!" Fave songs are American Life, Like A Prayer & Vogue jj2


Rihanna: "An icon! She delivers QUALITY singles every single time, ANTi is one of the best albums released this year and her best so far!" Fave songs are LOTB, KIB & Umbrella 


Taylor Swift: "I just can't stand this bitch, she acts like she's all innocent when she actually looks like a fucking snake! Boring, safe music... Uninspired videos... Trying to be a princess/model instead of a singer.... trash1" No fave songs lmfao2



So that was more or less everyonelmfao2 Those are comments she usually makes on the artists when I start talking about them lmfao2

I am your mom

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Bambi    1,679

My mother really liked some Lana songs I let her listen, my brother hates Lana. For Azealia, only my brother heard her music and he only likes Chasing Time and he always drags me when I listen to her bc of her being in the news for negative things :( 

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Melt Away    5,968

My mom is a huge Moo stan, she has a lot of her albums and also has a butterfly obsession (I remember her saying that she loves butterflies like Mariah). I mean when I asked her if I could get steal some Mariah albums from her she KNEW THE ALBUM TITLES LIKE WHEN WILL YOUR MOTHERS? She also loves Bey/DC and Whitney. She truly stans talent! She always says that she loves Madonna too but she doesn't even know LAP, fake stan jj3 

My dad is a typical dad who likes 80s music. Huge MJ stan.

My sister was the one who got me into pop girls, she stans basically whoever is on top. She was obsessed with Katy/Gaga/Rih/Nicki in 2009/2010.

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