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Fire Emblem: Warriors

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Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Holiday 2017


Character Roster [Unconfirmed]
Chrom [Awakening] (Model partially shown in trailer #1)
Corrin [Fates] (Weapon shown in trailer #1)
Marth [Shadow Dragon] (Weapon shown in trailer #1)
Ryoma [Fates] (Weapon shown in trailer #1)
Xander [Fates] (Weapon shown in trailer #1)


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My hype when I woke up to this giveup1cry7cry9cry6cry8 

*long post incoming*




Ok but serious talk. Was really wanting this to be Smash Bros Musou or Pokemon Musou (yeah ik this wasnt happening hence my wish for smash), but I was always open for Fire Emblem as the alternative as I do enjoy the series. However my issue is this; Path of Radiance and particularly Radiant Dawn are some of the best games I ever played. Awakening was cool for a while and Fates was... enjoyable but I stopped at chapter nine and never continued tina1 

I do like the characters in Fates and Awakening but I do not want an entire roster filled with Marth + them; and from the looks of it so far... I'm not particularly optimistic. Now granted, that's only five (almost basically confirmed) characters. But there are fourteen Fire Emblem games. And Hyrule Warriors at first had only thirteen playable character (before receiving an update with an extra 3, and then DLC and then Legends so it's now at like 29). So it really scares me a bit. It'll be nice to get to know the other characters but I desperately want to have Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn characters (and not just Ike either; what a fucking bore) to play with. Give me Micaiah and Sothe at the very least. alex1 (Give me Ilyana too but she's so irrelevant there's not a fucking chance in hell. Soren is a possibility but why have snails when you can have escargot?)


Now, I'm, not going to be one of those Koei "stans" who hate on everything Koei do because "it's not DW9" or "it's taking hype away from DW9". Like... enjoy the game and worry about DW9's performance (which lbr won't be amazing outside of Japan anyway)  later. I'm excited for DW9 too but there's no need to bash every other game until it's released (and then complain endlessly about DW9 when it's released too). I adore KT games and will wholeheartedly embrace myself in FE: Warriors as Musou games are one of my favorite franchises. I picked up Arslan despite knowing 0 about it (and then enjoyed it) and I picked up Hyrule Warriors despite not caring for Zelda much (outside of smash; where she is one of my mains). *PS Ruto is an icon, don't @ me* 


I definitely have hope for this game to be great. And I'm sure I'll love it regardless. Even if it's filled with people I don't know. But here's my wishlist basically: 

  • First and Foremost; PLEASE include more than Ike from POR/RD. Radiant Dawn is one of my favorite games EVER (and I've literally played through it like 16 times). I'm not expecting all my faves to be in (or really any), but let Micaiah (I'm confident about this) and Sothe be in. Maybe even Soren or someone for Ike to speak with. The Black Knight would be a great inclusion as a villain. 
  • DO NOT bring back Adventure Mode. rip2 Fuckin Hyrule Warriors did so many things I didn't like, and this was the fucking worst. If it was a completely optional side mode, then it would be acceptable but the fact half of the characters (including my favorite one Ruto) were locked behind this bullshit was not fun. Lemme unlock all characters from the main story. Anything else can be unlocked in a bullshit sidequest mode. But not characters (and not base weapons either). clap1 
  • Actually have online co-op. Was fuming to see it was local co-op after @Habits bought HW to play with me. And I don't even think they fixed it in Legends. KT normally does better in this regard ans is the publisher this time (not Nintendo) so... I have hope. 
  • If there does have to be a sidequest mode, I'd like it to have a strategical element which is similar to Fire Emblem in the way that Adventure Mode was a homage to older Zelda games. Not a major thing but would make it more enjoyable for me as long as it was optional. 
  • I would like to see Laguz. Although I completely understand this isn't going to be easy to do. However, it would be really nice to see Lethe, Ranulf, Volug etc as playable characters. On a side-note, it would be good for them to include other mechanics in game too; like weapon triangles and "bonus damage" on unit types.
  • Speaking of unit types, another wish for characters is that they're all not just sword-wielding guys. It's typical as always but at the moment there's five of them and I totally see there being a few more. It's not fun when half the roster have swords. Give them the other weapons and more fun, gimmicky and magical weapons too.  
  • Make the main story great (again). Honestly one thing that I absolutely loved from HW (and from Arslan too) was how great the main story actually was. It's something that I didn't experience that much in Samurai Warriors 4 because there's only so much you can do with a story that's re-told one hundred times. Whereas with an original story, there's so much you can do. It doesn't have to be critically acclaimed but just something on the level of HW/Arslan; as I really enjoyed that. 



*long ass post complete*


In conclusion, really excited for this and I HOPE the Fire Emblem Direct (ps there's a direct on the 18th of January) actually covers this game and not whatever mobile game they're trying to flaunt. I have hope it will do since I don't know why they wouldn't. So if it does showcase something (more characters plz & gameplay), then I can't wait to see it. Will definitely be getting a switch at somepoint for this game, just dunno if i'll get it at launch yet alex1 


EDIT: the direct is Warriors specific. yas cry1 

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