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Was DW Era a Flop?

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this era has actually been pretty big for her. Yeah, it wasnt as BIG as ME in terms of overall sales and hype, but it's been super consistent. On top of it all, the music has been AMAZING, so this has further expanded her fanbase. She was coming off donutgate, so this was the perfect album to rebound. Her next album will be even bigger. Queen literally served the best album of 2016. 

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Side to Side saved the era from being seen as an underperformance but still without it Into You will be seen as a dance cult classic and it's def her best album so far

she needs to keep the era afloat now and use STS momentum though

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3 hours ago, BreatheOnKnee said:

It's doing AMAZING in the US, especially considering it's not a first single, nor a second single, or even a third single, but a FOURTH single. And the fact that a third single is competition against other pop artists is a huge indication of how well the era is doing, let's be real.

STS was third single. If you check WW charts, STS is not doing great.

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Not at all. She served some of the BEST pop music from the last few years with this album and managed to sell 1M pure worldwide in a tragic sales climate  Not to mention she has added a top 20, top 10

I don't read as much as I should, but I felt like in the beginning when Ari was calling it Moonlight - it had a totally different sound and message. But I guess when everything started to build up wit

Nope, Ariana gained a lot of new fans this era because the album is flawless and the single choices she made have been great. Especially since Side To Side unexpectedly decided to slay us all and actu

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