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Sorry Zarbon... Artist you can't get into whatsoever. No hate.

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22 hours ago, Jake said:

Zara Larsson. Lush Life was bad and I kinda liked Ain't My Fault, disliked I Would Like but So Good COMPLETELY turned me off. Horrid song and her personality is annoying as well. People are making her out to be the savior of pop music or something. trash1 

I also cannot get into Grimes. Annoying, but Kill V. Maim is a bop I won't lie!

Flesh Without Blood, though cry7 

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I tried really hard to get into Say Lou Lou, they were meant to be a Sound of a couple of years ago but none of their songs stood out for me except for Better In The Dark. 


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Zara Larsson, I just can't... Ain't My Fault is a cute bop but I feel like she's going for a white Rihanna that comes off as tryhard.     She's a cute girl  

Zarbon didn't die at Vegeta's hands for this...

Bjork. And it's a shame cause she's really talented but i just can't get into her music

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