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The Official 2017 GRAMMYs Thread

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1 minute ago, Urbanov said:

I think the only answer is "cheap" if you would send it for free jj2 

i was going more for good hearted/kind but it was too much to ask coming from you.

it's still two hours from now and let me tell you the red carpet is boring af and full of no1curs, i just had to listen to the chainsmokers talk about ther win rih9

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Just now, Urbanov said:

Ok so much do you want? 10 upvotes? I heard that they became a next great currency on the internet next to the BitCoin. 

I ain't got no time for that. mad12 

i dont want anything



1 hour 40 min to showtime wendy1 

i dont have a link to the red carpet tho

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