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Did karma chain katy to the knee?

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OP: "didn't shady perry have 5 #1's with one of ha albums?"

Yeah, so did Michael Jackson, and he's still an icon after continued flops later on.

She got political with this song and it'll hurt her in this political mess of a time. We've seen now crazy the 'right' can be by making Joy Villa (who?) #1 on iTunes for wearing a Trump dress at the Grammys, why do you think they won't buy this song because it's political and anti-Trump? She was already super-Hillary last year and this political song about people being oblivious and "zombies" won't help get sales from Republican listeners.

It's probably the riskiest thing she's done since I Kissed a Girl (I know my girl plays it safe 90% of the time) so at least give her that. 

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Chained to ha knee is @  #8    didn't shady perry have 5 #1's with one of ha albums?  

Sales are underwhelming but she's slaying radio and is fairly stable on streaming.

She is cancelled. Digital era is over and her Spotify deal won't save her tragic streaming in the future    

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