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Chained To The Rhythm video

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41 minutes ago, G O O T said:

Okay, but is literally nobody going to talk about the rollercoaster called Love Me?

Mom acknowledging one of the best PRISM songs. cry0

I noticed this but when it's in a video about everything wrong with the world, and that segment has about 4 different subtle messages in it, i'm not sure that it being called Love Me is a good thing laughcry1 


Queen of shading her own songs. Guess we know what song won't be on the KP4 tour then. 

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23 minutes ago, Bionic Monster said:

She looks good and I'm impressed with ha acting abilityyas2

Although I do agree with @Lachlan, there are some gems in there but I don't think it's as layered as some of y'all sayjj1

If we catch certain meaning from the visuals, who is anyone else to say that it the symbolism isn't suggesting that? oprah8 This is no different from people dissect a book or a movie to the nth degree and taking whatever meaning they can get from it.

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still I'm confused. how did she film this with literally ZERO leaks getting out..?  

The rollercoaster scene is a perfect metaphor for the songs iTunes chart run  

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