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TV series that lasted at least 2 seasons and you've seen every single episode?

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Angelus 11,443
On 4.3.2017. at 5:05 AM, Breathless Mahoney said:

*multiple spoilers below*


I think it's easily now one of my favorite shows of all time, if not maybe even #1. What really lifts the show into the stratosphere is its ability to flawlessly blend drama and comedy - they nearly always hit both exactly right. 


On the finale itself, I just watched it and my opinions'll probably change a bit once it's sat with me for a while, but overall I did like it. I think the whole twist about activating every Slayer in the world was great, and very Buffy to rewrite the rules like that. Spike's final moments were great as well, but I have some mixed feelings about Anya's death - I get what they were going for with her death, but I really like her character and I would've liked for her death to be a bit more of an event.

Start. Watching. Angel. Now.



Angel > Buffy.

Both shows are among my 3 faves tho

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yahiie 101

Friends (10 seasons)

Nikita (4 seasons)

Orphan Black (4 seasons)

Revenge (4 seasons)

Please Like Me (4 seasons)

Don't Trust The Bitch in Apt. 23 (2 seasons)

American Horror Story (6 seasons)

Marvel's Daredevil (2 seasons)

Degrassi Next Class (3 seasons)

RuPaul's Drag Race (9 seasons)

Pretty Little Liars (7 seasons)

Shadowhunters (2 seasons)

That 70s Show (8 seasons)

How I Met Your Mother (9 seasons)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2 seasons)



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Luca 41,068
  • American Horror Story
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender whit1 
  • The Walking Dead

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The Flash 


How to Get Away With Murder



I let the latest season be over first before I watch it tho

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Updated list... (including 1 season shows this time)


3rd Rock from the Sun - 6 seasons
Angel - 5 seasons
Arrested Development - 4 seasons
Birds of Prey - 1 season
Black Books - 3 seasons
Breaking Bad - 5 seasons
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 7 seasons 
Corner Gas - 6 seasons
The Critic - 2 seasons
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 9 seasons
Daria - 5 seasons
Dilbert - 2 seasons
Eastbound & Down - 4 seasons
Farscape - 4 seasons (including The Peacekeeper Wars)
Firefly - 1 season
The Flash (1990s) - 1 season
Freaks and Geeks - 1 season
Friends - 10 seasons
Fringe - 5 seasons
Gilmore Girls - 7 seasons (plus A Year in the Life)
Heroes - 4 seasons
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 12 seasons
Justice League - 2 seasons
Justice League Unlimited - 3 seasons
Kim Possible - 4 seasons
The King of Queens - 9 seasons
The Lone Gunmen - 1 season
Lost - 6 seasons
Malcolm in the Middle - 7 seasons
Married...with Children - 11 seasons
The Maxx - 1 season
My So-Called Life - 1 season
The Office (U.K.) - 2 seasons
The Office (U.S.) - 9 seasons
Seinfeld - 9 seasons
Spaced - 2 seasons
Star Trek - 3 seasons
Star Trek: The Animated Series - 2 seasons
Star Trek: The Next Generation - 7 seasons
Superman: The Animated Series - 3 seasons
Tales from the Crypt - 7 seasons
Taxi - 5 seasons
Teen Titans - 5 seasons
That's My Bush! - 1 season
Veronica Mars - 3 seasons

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I guess I can list some

Breaking Bad


Veronica Mars

Desperate Housewives

The Client List

Heroes + Heroes Reborn

Once Upon A Time

One Tree Hill

Gossip Girl 


Teen Wolf



Hart of Dixie



Vanpire Diaries (til season 7) plus the series finale 

Veronica Mars

Saved By The Bell


The O.C.

Scream Queens


Grosse Pointe

Unhappily Ever After



Suddenly Susan

Veronicas Closet




Agents of Shield


The Flash


The 100


Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Jane The Virgin



How To Get Away w Murder

The Middle

American Housewife


The Good Place

American Horror Story

The Walking Dead (tho i havent seen season 8 yet)

The Big Bang Theory



Im pretty sure theres more I cant think off


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