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Why did Bruno Mars end up destroying The Weeknd?

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Well... considering one has a hit atm & the other doesn't yet they are selling almost the same dead2 Bruno is more global tbh, and he is known everywhere - The Weeknd is too but only from like two songs or so rip2

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oh wow I came in expecting that's what I like v party monster or whatever single abel's on, didn't realise 24K Magic actually destroyed starboy dead2 well, good for bruno I guess! Abel still has the better music though wub1 

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1 minute ago, Infrared said:

Does that even include streams dead4 

The Weeknd's streams are MASSIVE. His least played album track is at 32 milllion dead4 

Only 2017 streams

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Starboy > 24K Magic

WAIT I just realised this is the first male thread I see here  it's always pop gurl vs pop gurl  

I think the anticipation with Bruno Mars was bigger than TW not to mention he's more popular worldwide since The Weeknd is relatively "new" to the world

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