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FOTP Big Brother: Pre-Show Interviews

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Next up is cunt queen @Atlantis!

On 3/13/2017 at 3:30 PM, Atlantis said:

How are you today?

I feel like fainting, and also feeling shady ready for this competition

Hot. Is this your first season playing FOTP Big Brother?

Yes. I might be new to this, but I don't hold myself up like a terrible player. Don't underestimate me!hay1

Interesting! Do you have any sort of game plan for this season?

My spontaneous plans always work bey1  So no

What about any alliance ideas?

altboards girls come thru? i don't anything else cares/trusts me tbh hay1

Should a secret team with hidden abilities come into this house, what would your reaction be?

Nothing scares me, that's when I'll put the many talents i have to work! 

Do YOU have what it takes to win FOTP Big Brother (sponsored by Ariana Grande LLC. the Into You music video is available to stream on VEVO now)?

Maybe! Like I said, don't underestimate me hunties/hunty's (spelling?) I have enough charisma and nerve to last me to the end of this competition. And if not, bye! 

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First up is Popfection icon @blankdreams.!  

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