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FOTP Big Brother: Pre-Show Interviews

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2 hours ago, Diamond said:

no thanks

choke you cunt, can't wait to see you flop for filth again!

2 hours ago, Hylia said:

That Gaga emoticon spelled out "YES" originally. Like his chances at winning this season, it just didn't work out in this thread.

I really hope you fall down some stairs you twat meg1 

2 hours ago, Coca-Cola said:

the king is here 

god bless the fact that you're here wub1 

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Just now, Hylia said:

I did the ones that were revealed in the cast reveal earlier


If I hadn't of seen you guys talking about it in the PM, I wouldn't have known it happened since Sandcastles upvoted like 40 posts


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6 hours ago, Hylia said:

I'm so glad so many people are interested in Alvin's interview


6 hours ago, Hannah. said:

Speaks volumes

just because I was the first to sign up and everybody followed me

6 hours ago, Hannah. said:

Yes we are very inclusive here on BB.

but I thought you guys are Christian based

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First up is Popfection icon @blankdreams.!  

Gather cunts!  

Hello everyone and welcome to the FOTP Big Brother Pre-Show! Tonight, I'll be talking with half of our players; particularly the ones that were revealed in the Cast Reveal earlier. The other half of t

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